RIM – WES2010!

April 26, 2010

WES2010 - Kick Off

Get ready for WES2010 tomorrow morning everybody.

RIM’s biggest event that includes: Products, Services, accessories, Developers (both apps, DRM, and other services from multiple 3rd parties), and new wares. Over the past 9 years RIM has grown, very successfully in this market. The market that RIM has believed in has evolved. The cost of owning a smartphone on contract add so much value.

Todays announcement highlighted some very internesting facts that were missed by the other favoured blogs:

  • Sold over 90 million devices.
  • 37 million of those in the last year 10 million sold in the last Quarter (No Apple you did NOT outperform the market by some 30%).
  • 41 million of those are STILL connected to the BlackBerry service.
  • Tremendous amount of demand for products & services – around the globe.
  • 250’000 Register App Developers
  • 3.8 million downloads of developer kits & tools & upgrades.
  • BES: 250 thousands servers (120 thousand of those in North America)
  • Nearly a million App World downloads a day!!
  • #1 smartphone in the US = Curve.
  • 5/10 top 10 smartphones sold in the world is a BlackBerry.
These are HARD FACTS … not marketing glitter from the manufacturer, but from multiple analyst from top resources: Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, etc.
More and more I see RIM having pictures featuring presenters or developers working on various computing platforms to make applications for BlackBerry … including my current machine of choice – Apple. Lets hope the SDK with better integration for Eclipse gets full OS X support.

Developer on Mac OS X

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