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RIM – BlackBerry 6 Preview Titillates!

April 27, 2010


The All New User Experience

Yeah … Black Eyed Peas – well loved & sometimes overplayed – definitely knows what time it is in the music and mobile industry. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that they have a solid impact (possibly some direct input) into the new layout, and visual display of BlackBerry 6.

Just look at the video and how each person moves in the following advertisement for BlackBerry 6 preview that RIM gave earlier today to the public at WES2010! Wow … not only do they move to the beat, but the OS moves with it too … very synergistically. I actually had to watch it 3 times to catch all that was going on. Why again is RIM shares down?! I think too many analysts have not just been drinking the Apple Kool Aid juice but I’ll bet their suck’n the spoon that Apple has been serving them with the iPhone. This ad preview of OS 6 is light-years ahead of Symbian 3, iPhone OS, and even Android … just looks as robust as what we know and love on ALL our solid performing BlackBerry’s.

I cannot say welcome back RIM to the modern … you where already here blazing the trail for solid multitasking and OS core integration that developers could take advantage of. Those that complain the OS is ancient … show me one OS that offers this level of 3rd party integration, battery life supremacy, call quality supremacy that many feature phones (dumb) cannot even match in a smartphone.

Mike Lazaridis BlackBerry Rocks!

So this Preview of BlackBerry 6 shows us so many tantalizing features that have been done on other platforms … but NOT with this seamless level of integration. Before I begin to highlight them … take a look at the incredible personalities that shows of the use intended for that particular target market – yet still allowing all functions and features available. Did you get that?! Reread that sentence again in bold and think which OS actually offers this across the FULL product lineup.

Touch Screen: Single dedicated touch to highlight & select to activate or open. It would seem at first glance that SurePress may be gone, but paying attention to the video looks as if this is here to stay just less “deliberate” pressing is required.

Menu Animations: are everywhere. Media … selecting Artists (or Albums, Genres, Playlists), slides to the right, selecting a particular artist opens up all their albums/tracks. From the moment you select a sub category – Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, etc – you see a search menu at the top of the screen. Just before selecting a track you have a sub menu … almost a sub process at the bottom of the screen called “Extended Search” to allow you to search Youtube, Device, or any other mobile medium. Cute. But the search is not random, its relevant to the artist & track your currently listening too – seamless mobile interaction.

Menu Animations 1

Menu Animations 2

Fergie is STILL hot after all these years (even her previous failed attempts at the music business, she was always hot and ahead of the crowd).


Menu Structure: More efficient and relative to what your viewing, where you are, and never forgetting about ANY possibility of where you may goto next. Viewing pictures in full screen you can quickly (in Touch) Set As Caller ID, Set As Wallpaper, Properties, Switch (switch app), Zoom In (gesture or not), and Full Menu. While viewing a Message, if you tap on the contact … you’re presented with the ability to Email Contact (which should be eliminated since 1 of the bottom icons does this already), View the Contact, Call Contact, SMS/Text Contact, view their Caller ID, BBM the Contact, Show Address of Contact, Switch (Application), and Full Menu. Should you wish to select Call Contact you have a new set of on-display options; Speaker, Mute, Swap (calling party), Join (conference), and you can STILL enabled the dialled, Message Contact, and I presume send Contact Details to another party, or Cancel out the menu. Love how the guy in the suit power pumps his options as his time during presentation of BB use is up – Boom Boom Pow!

Menu Structure 1

Menu Structure 2

Menu Structure 3

Real Time Search from the home screen .. nice touch RIM.

Real-Time Search

Gestures: are used to Swipe Up to show a segmented menu from default theme on home screen. During track playback the user can swipe left/right to get a “cover flow” like search showing individual tracks NOT just the albums (no copyright infringement here boys & girls. Now you can also Swipe Down when pressing the Message preview and you get a quick glance at the top 3 most recent Messages, Calls, and Calendar Events.  Messages includes: Email, SMS, MMS, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or any other SuperApp that is taking advantage of the core API’s and if YOU the user enabled them … your choice). Getting things done bra!

Swipe Up 1

Swipe Up 2

There seems to be a NEW gesture – something I’ve only seen independent developers on S60 and recently Android take advantage of … shake or vibration control using the device built-in motion sensor. Look at the video again at time frame: 1:09 – 1:11. how does that Kool Aid taste now, How Does it Taste!).

Motion Gesture

Last but not least of all is FEEDS! A concept we all know and have used on our computers and feature phones but was poorly implanted. Motorola’s Blurr, SonyEricsson’s Infinity (is sweetly done), and others on the Android platform have had the live internet functionality. You need to ponder and think that basically Twitter, LinkedIn groups, BBM, IM, SMS, MMS, and yes even Email can be consumed, and even collaborated in a unified messaging layout called a FEED.

Feeds 1

Feeds 2

That is what RIM has done with the above … take special not that this is not just part of the core OS but an API that they control and willing share with developer that can EASILY take advantage of this.

One BlackBerry OS … many uses, many features, many devices, many persona’s.

BlackBerry 6 - Many Devices, One System Great Experiences

Definitely looking forward to this bwoy!

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