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Thoughts On Flash – Adobe & Apple Fighting: Grow Up already!

April 29, 2010

This is getting ridiculous.

Very valid points from Apple, Inc., and nothing proven from Adobe (Maemo 5 is the last Maemo) as of yet. When major corporate entities begin to bash or downgrade one another’s CEO or respective views of products/services on a daily/weekly/monthly basis like a Twitter Feed … then its time BOTH CEO’s get an internal “Fined Time-Out”! Their acting like kids fighting in a sand-box!! I’d like BOTH parties to either freaking get a court case and make it serious as their “entertaining the press and stock holders” or both get on the merry-go round so I can spin them like mad unless they both wet their pants! I’m seriously getting SICK of all this corporate leveraging, eye-poking and “my stuff is better than yours” D8 … I’m looking forward to Walt Mossberg to comment on this along these lines. Apple CEO Steve Jobs & Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen need to start acting their age; or leave this conversation to company fans in the forums.

Steve Jobs is still not 100% and should focus more on strengthening his health and running his own company not wasting time responding to the media’s distortions of his company’s view not to implement Flash on their mobile products. I’m sure Jobs doesn’t want to get sick again – god forbid this early – and go out being remembered as someone “picking a fight” (as though it would seem).

PS: I spent the past 12 hrs working a solid & VERY productive shift! Yes I made mistakes but never did I insult a client, colleague, superior, or their work effort in any way!

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