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Happy Mother’s Day!!

May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers day everyone.

Happy Mothers Day 2010

Mother. You are incredible. You work your ass off to provide for me, nurture me, pick me up when I fall down, give me hope that everything really can be alright, fight the good fight, scold me when I’m wrong, give me a proper spanking when I continue to do wrong and knowingly so – when it hurts others or when it can develop into a wrong behaviour that is unacceptable. You clean up after us even when we’re no longer babies, provide a soft pillow for our aching heads. Like a prayer you provide comfort in a world full of tornadoes.

We’ve never had great times growing up in our broken home. Life has been VERY hard for you even at the early age of 6. I have horrible memories growing up, but I do have good memories, have met wonderful people that offered helping hands – but I was too ashamed to reach out to accept for reasons that had nothing to do with you or caused by you. I’ve said some horrible things to you out of anger of not feeling loved, I’ve done some things long in the past (that I can barely remember) that you never approved of and have beaten my ass for – rightfully so. But I have GREAT happy memories of you, times where the day began like another wave of hard times and emotional pain in a wicked sea of a week – yet you smiled and did everything you could to keep me above those waves, and even made me smile; warmed me for it.

The hard times you did for me, guided me to offer the things I never had to my kids. Find the love in my heart for both of them, even if 1 of them is not mine – I love her just as much as my son. The things you taught me, and the hurt I had learned from to be more ambitious in life, helped me find love for another.

To my wife – I love you. I knew from the first few times I met you, that you’re a wonderful woman. You’re an incredible mother – soft as a rose, sometimes to a fault – but I wouldn’t want it any other way. You do incredible things for our kids, and for me. There are times that I cannot find the words to express how much I appreciate you ~ and many times in the past could not make the time to show you.

Happy Mothers Boo Day

This is for you and all you do! Flowers our son & I got for you is on the dining table. Sorry its been a while. Breakfast in bed … sorry lazy day today on grocery day so we missed out. I too am craving chocolate but we have none, that’s for tomorrow. Will you settle for a peticure?!

For all of you out there, mothers current & past, don’t forget to treat your mothers right, and for those who’s mothers have passed on, cherish their memory. Even if times are hard and your reading this and cannot do much for them. A simple phone call, or even doing the dishes, or taking them out for coffee, a big warm hug, foot rub at the end of the day, or just a hand soak can make them feel special.

Happy Mothers Boo Day 2

Of course the hard part is at the end of the day …. trying to avoid this happening to them, even if she has Monday off and you gotta get up early to work.

A Mothers work is never done - cruelty.

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