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BlackBerry Service Books: Providers Gone & Driving me MAD!

May 22, 2010

This is something that has been driving me mad for over a year now and I just keep taking it, accepting it. I haven’t seen it mentioned on the bigger blogs or my favorites out there: BlackBerryCool, CrackBerry, or even the Forums: HowardForums.

BlackBerry Service Books in particular from Providers is just getting out of hand.

Why is it I can opt OUT of email ads or sharing my email address to third party’s but I CANNOT limit what service books for 3rd party apps, or 2nd party apps get pushed to my phone?! Whats worse is this does NOT only affect the consumer space, but also the corporate space where Service Books get forced to devices upon battery pull or Host Routing Table (HRT) registration to the providers network; even with IT Policy’s blocking app installations (I think a few get through the restrictions).

For those of you out there that do heavy troubleshooting of BlackBerry’s or your own (application troubleshooting, or firmware upgrades), know just what I’m talking about. Hiding the Service Book icons that show up in your menu list in any particular theme does NOT remedy the situation when you do a battery pull (or QuickPull) or HRT Registration thereafter.

Whats even more Mindboggling is the fact that even with administrative access to the providers’ admin page they STILL cannot selectively remove which service books are pushed to your HH. You have to KEEP removing them! ARRGGH!!!

Rogers BIS SB_1

Zoompass, Tell me again why?!

World Series of Poker 3

Yahoo & Rogers Music Store Front.

Why again?!

Rogers urMusic Download site

Rogers Wireless:

Tetris VPL [BrowserConfig], Mobile Backup VPL [BrowserConfig], VPL Telenav GPS Navigator [BrowserConfig], urMusic VPL [BrowserConfig], World Series of Poker 3 Demo VPL [BrowserConfig], Brain Challenge 2 Demo VPL [BrowserConfig], Brain Challenge 2 Demo VPL [BrowserConfig], Bubble Bash Demo VPL [BrowserConfig]. Yes that is 8 specific Service Books that Rogers Wireless pushes to your BlackBerry on every HRT Registration or Battery Pull.

Rogers Service Books List

Not to mention that about 2 of these also pushes down another service book or “piggy back” application installation demo after you download one of those listed above. Does your provider force spoon feed you this junk?! In NO WAY would I EVER use 7/8 of these … with only TeleNav getting a recognition headnod (yet I don’t need it).

Now of course this in NO WAY is pointed directly to RIM … however if RIM makes an adjustment for Consumers, and corporate purchased BlackBerry’s alike the ability to selectively remove which 3rd party service books are pushed to the devices this will a) improve end user experience, and b) improve what is offered by third party’s, possibly even have proper applications created and submitted in the App World storefront. Stop bombarding me with links, please Rogers (insert your BB provider here).

Of note you & I of course have already agreed to the digital agreement of using the BIS service, in particular outlined & quoted just below.

BY SUBMITTING PERSONAL INFORMATION TO RIM PURSUANT TO THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER, YOU CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION, PROCESSING, TRANSMISSION, USE, RETENTION AND DISCLOSURE OF SUCH INFORMATION BY RIM AND ITS AFFILIATED COMPANIES IN CANADA AND/OR THE UNITED STATES FOR ANY PURPOSES SET OUT IN RIM’S PRIVACY POLICY. IF THIS LINK IS BROKEN, THE PRIVACY POLICY IS ALSO PROVIDED ON THE BIS WEBSITE. IN ADDITION, IF YOU USE THE BIS TO ACCESS AND SEND E-MAIL FROM THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS SUCH AS AMERICA ONLINE OR YAHOO!, (“THIRD PARTY SERVICES”), YOU AUTHORIZE RIM TO USE AND STORE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION RELATING TO THE THIRD PARTY SERVICES FOR SO LONG AS RIM DEEMS NECESSARY (BUT NOT LONGER THAN AS PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW), INCLUDING USER NAME, PASSWORD AND E-MAILS, FOR THE LIMITED PURPOSE OF PROVIDING E-MAIL FROM THE THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER TO YOU ON THE BIS SERVICE. Information retained by RIM about You may be reviewed, corrected or edited by You by contacting RIM at the location specified herein (though, in some situations, deleting certain information may not be technically feasible and termination of Your account may result from a request from You to delete such information). . Third Party Services, Information and Links The BIS may access Third Party Services, and the BlackBerry Internet Service Site may also contain links to third party Web sites (“Linked Sites”), and may incorporate information obtained from third parties (“Third Party Information”). Additionally, the BIS may include RIM’s Internet Connection Service (“ICS”), which allows You to browse Web content from Your wireless handheld, and may provide access to Third Party Services, Linked Sites, Third Party Information and other unrelated Web sites (“Other Sites”). Nothing herein authorizes the use of or access to Third Party Services, Linked Sites, Third Party Information or other Sites and RIM does not in any way warrant that the BIS will allow access to such Third Party Services, Linked Sites, Third Party Information and Other Sites. THE THIRD PARTY SERVICES, LINKED SITES, OTHER SITES AND THIRD PARTY INFORMATION ARE NOT UNDER THE CONTROL OF RIM, AND RIM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR the contents, usage or performance of any Third Party Services, Linked Site, Other Site or Third Party Information, including without limitation the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, decency, links or any other aspect of the Third Party Services, Linked Site, Other Site or Third Party Information. RIM is not responsible for any form of transmission received from or through any Third Party Service, Linked Site or Other Site nor is RIM responsible if the Third Party Service, Linked Site or Other Site is not working appropriately or as expected by You. RIM provides such links and information to You only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link or Third Party Information does not imply endorsement by RIM of the site or any association with its operators. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by the privacy statements and terms of use posted at the Linked Sites and Other Sites, and for complying with any agreements with third parties that You may have in relation to the Third Party Services. All Third Party Services offered for use with the BIS are provided to You through Your third party service provider(s) and shall be subject to Your agreement with such third party service provider(s). EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW IN YOUR JURISDICTION, RIM SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY CLAIMING BY OR THROUGH YOU, FOR ANY ISSUE RELATING TO THE THIRD PARTY SERVICES, LINKED SITES, OTHER SITES OR THIRD PARTY INFORMATION, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE ACCURACY, TIMELINESS OR CONTINUED AVAILABILITY OF SUCH THIRD PARTY SERVICES OR THE CONTINUED INTEROPERABILITY OF THE THIRD PARTY SERVICES WITH THE BIS. Any dealings with third parties conducted through the BIS, the Third Party Services, Linked Sites or Other Sites, including the delivery of and the payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between You and the third party. RIM shall not be responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings.

Still this service is offered by RIM and the conduits that make up the providers linked BIS Administration site are listed as pointing to rim’s owned portals “https://bwc.blackberry.net/BIS-E_Admin/” (that is not the FULL link btw, and will not work for those of you out there reading; yes I have access, NO I will NOT give it out, nor abuse it in ANY way (I respect ALL of you out there, and my own freedom).

Rogers BIS Admin screenshot

Yeah so this NEEDS to change … and soon with consumers & corporate account holders/admins the ability to restrict out Full/Partial 3rd party service books pushes. Think of this as Ad control, not an Ad-Mob’ing you 😉 .

Those of you out there, please comment how you feel and also right an email to RIM’s feedback to voice your opinion or concerns of how 3rd party service books annoy you, or if you enjoy them.

Cheers & party hard this weekend.

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  1. DWCouch
    June 2, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    I found this looking to see if anyone had figured out how to block these ServiceBooks from carriers. For the most part, the nuissance you have illustrated above can be worked around.

    Move the offending apps to a folder. Hide that folder. Hereafter if and when you delete those service books and do a susequent re-start, you’ll get the service books again, but the icons will re-populate your hidden folder. Effectively not cluttering your preferred icons config.


    • Donny
      June 2, 2011 at 10:31 PM

      Thank you for reading & replying to my blog post – most appreciated.

      Your work around is actually that, a work-around, not a solution. As stated the ideal solution would NOT have these pushed out to end consumer devices at ALL by requested choice. Since providers push these icons out (8 from Rogers Wireless or more currently) “even with administrative access to the providers’ admin page they STILL cannot selectively remove which service books are pushed to your HH. You have to KEEP removing them” also affects BES activated devices – which with most corporations NOT restricting downloading of most third party applications (from App World or Desktop Manager) the following thoughts come to mind:

      * Users tend to download apps just out of curiousity looking for the same joy kids get looking for easter eggs,
      * when providers push out these icons, essentially over glorified links to the Main icon page, does these packets come out of your monthly data bucket?!
      * when selecting the link to download does this action invoke charges or come out of your monthly data bucket?
      (don’t laugh at the above 2 thoughts – many providers STILL charge you for accessing voicemail from your cellphone EVEN thought its part of your plan or if you’re specifically paying for it in your features bundled on top of your monthly plan – it comes out of your monthly minutes VERY drug dealer charge tactic)
      * most users do NOT know how to HIDE application icons or ribbon icons as you’ve stated.

      Take NOTE that upgrading a firmware of a current JVM based BlackBerry device (through IE web install, or through Loader – when web downloaded Firmware via that pop-up prompt) does NOT gaurantee the current ribbon options will be restored – usually its returned to a factory icon ribbon arrangement which contains the setup for which icons are hidden, folders list, and what is listed IN those folders.

      Great idea though, great!


  2. ab1197590
    March 4, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    Hey Donny,

    I totally agree that there should be some way (like in the BlackBerry BIS or on the handheld itself) to choose what service books (from 3rd party or others) should be removed from future service book pushes. I wish I didn’t have a load of service books on my device like in your blog’s screenshot: https://seriousmobile.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/rogers-bis-sb_9.png



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