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BBM Advertisement in Toronto Yonge & Bloor Subway

June 26, 2010 2 comments

Just a quicky of the recent RIM Advertisement here in Toronto’s Yonge & Bloor subway stations. The individual pixel like part of the whole advertisement actually show converstations from internal employees BBM’ing one another that participated for the ad.

Ads like: Girlfriends (their conversations between them not about them), Night Out, etc. The largest one that I missed a clear picture of is titled “Closeness has nothing to do with distance” which is incredible and very smart when you actually read the BBM conversations across or down.

If you happen to be in the area take a quick read while you’re bored waiting for a train if nobody cool is there to look at.

BBM ad - Girlfriends


RIM BlackBerry – Writing on the Wall

June 23, 2010 1 comment

Is the writing on the wall?

Hard to say, and personally I’d like to think not. Many analysts ~ only 1 that I respect because he DOES know what he’s talking about beyond just managing finances ~ and kiddies in the know throw about the verbatim that BlackBerry’s OS is antiquated. Sure they are surprised and enticed by BlackBerry 6 debuted during shareholders meeting just prior to and during WES2010; but even 45days is a dogs age in the mobile industry to await a new roll-out.

I’ve had an interesting read of the following linked Financial Post article; yes a true article and not some ridiculous high-school techie popularity contest blog entry. (That’s not what my blog is about).

Share price volatility expected around RIM earnings. Some of the most interesting article highlights are …

RIM, which reports fiscal first-quarter profit tomorrow, rose or fell an average of 14% the day after earnings over the past eight quarters. That’s more than three times Apple’s average swing of 4.2% and above the 8.9% of Motorola Inc., which makes mobile phones that run on Google’s Android software.

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Yes it looks bad if we only concentrate on the numbers but for those that only do read on I have some more for you. Most interestingly RIM still holds the largest corporate mobile industry deployment for portable communications per employee. This is not sub 1000 employee outfits but a true corporation like a national banking institution, financial investment institution or life insurance institution. This is important because regardless of the swing of all the consumer fanaticism with competing mobile handheld OS’ RIM made a name for themselves (and a huge profitable business as well) with this market long before the 7100 debuted for the consumer marketplace.

IM, which helped define the smartphone category a decade ago with mobile e-mail, has struggled to create a touchscreen device with the appeal of Apple’s iPhone or Motorola’s Droid for surfing the Web or watching video. While the Waterloo, Ontario- based company debuted a revamped Web browser in April that will begin appearing on BlackBerrys next quarter, concerns about its prospects lead to sharp stock moves, said Paul Taylor, chief investment officer at BMO Harris Private Banking in Toronto.

“There’s no doubt it’s highly volatile, there is a lot of hot money in RIM,” said Mr. Taylor, who oversees about $12.7-billion in assets including at least $30-million worth of RIM shares. There is “a constant expectation that management is not up to the task of competing in that very competitive landscape.

First notice how it says struggling to create a touchscreen device with the appeal of Apple’s iPhone or Motorola Droid. This is Apple’s 3rd year and still RIM has gained Global, not 1 continent or country, marketshare and increased profits & revenue, only dropping 1 quarter in the past 4 years.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Taylor while working as a contractor at BMO Capital Markets for a brief moment, and he’s very knowledgeable about RIM, their market strategy, and their products & research ~ yes he researches beyond the numbers and makes sound decisions. Tech geeks will be astounded with a great conversation about technology and gadgets.

Some more numbers for the bean counters….

RIM’s share of the smartphone market fell to 19.4% of the global shipments last quarter, down from 20.9% a year ago, according to researcher IDC, though its share of the overall handset market is climbing. Apple claimed 16.1% of the smartphone market, up from 10.9% a year ago.

RIM rose US42¢ cents to US$59.09 at 9:35 a.m. on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock had declined 13% this year before today, while Apple had climbed 30 %

Chief Executive Officer Buzzy Geduld said in an interview why he’s waiting to see new products before buying or selling more stock, “RIM has to do something dramatic in terms of a handset and more importantly they have to come out with some new technology“.

Hmm … while everyone else is selling off their stock … this is interesting, if not curious.

More than 100 hedge funds traded RIM shares in the first quarter, according to Bloomberg data based on regulatory filings. As of the end of March, RIM’s biggest shareholders included Edgewood Management LLC and Citadel Advisors LLC. Edgewood, a hedge fund based in New York, held 6.1 million RIM shares, while Chicago-based Citadel held 1.2 million shares.

Jim Carrier, director of marketing at Edgewood, said the company doesn’t speak to the media about its trading. Devon Spurgeon, a Citadel spokeswoman, said the company doesn’t discuss its holdings.

At least 25 hedge funds sold all their RIM holdings in the first quarter, according to Bloomberg data. They include Artis Capital Management, a San Francisco firm that sold 1.03 million shares, and Alkeon Capital Management, a New York firm that sold 549,452 shares. Artis Chief Financial Officer Rob Riemer said the firm doesn’t comment on holdings; a call to Greg Jakubowsky, an executive with Alkeon, wasn’t immediately returned.

Movement in RIM shares after earnings has been in both directions. Over the past eight quarters, the stock has dropped five times, with the largest drop being 27%, and climbed three times, with one 21% rise.

Options traders are betting the shares will swing 11.5% on June 25, the day after RIM is scheduled to report earnings at 4 p.m. New York time, according to options market data compiled by Bloomberg. RIM forecast March 31 that fiscal first-quarter sales will be US$4.25-billion to US$4.45-billion, while earnings per share will be at least US$1.31.

While 66% of analysts who cover RIM recommend buying the stock and 11% recommend selling it, 94% of the analysts tracking Apple rate the stock a “buy” and none have a “sell” rating.

Simona Jankowski, an analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co., reiterated her “sell” rating on June 20. RIM’s “lack of product differentiation and an antiquated operating system place the company at a disadvantage in the fast-growing consumer segment,” Ms. Jankowski wrote.

Mike Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets in Toronto, has a “top pick” rating on the stock because of the fast growth in the smartphone market and the opportunity for RIM, which gets most of its revenue from North America, to expand overseas.

“If RIM can hold its own it has a gigantic market ahead even with the presence of Android and Apple,” he said.

So how do we swallow this to how the competitions’ success can affect RIM in the consumer market? To put it simply …

RIM attracts more short-sellers than its peers. Investors taking short positions borrow a stock, expecting it to decline, then aim to repay the borrowed stock at a lower price and pocket the profit.

The number of short positions on RIM’s shares is equivalent to 3.1% of its shares outstanding, compared with 1.3% for Apple and 2% for Motorola, according to Bloomberg data.

“RIM is a stock you’re guaranteed to get a major move either way,” said Steven Li, an analyst at Raymond James Ltd. in Toronto, who rates RIM “market perform.” “So the hedge funds like to play the stock, especially in the U.S.”

Its more than just the numbers, RIM will do quite fine. Calling its mobile OS antiquated simply because it’s not the new hotness or as many developers for it does not mean its a dying smartphone and far from it. There is quite a great list of technologies proven for it, even if it lost patent cases its the way the business goes; mo money, mo problems.

As for the iPhone 4 yeah … I’ll give it a try soon enough but its PIM is seriously lacking, no equivalent BBM which today’s earthquake tremors felt across Ontario, Quebec and even in California proved its worth with quick, efficient communications, and AutoText the one key feature that would keep me on the iPhone if it had it.

Enjoy your mobile, whatever it may be.

iPhone 4 & iOS4 – The Kings new clothes

June 22, 2010 Comments off

Well I’m just as tempted about all the eye candy as many of you out there; yeah I may once again bite the bullet and get one for myself just to see how the evolution has come across.

But we BlackBerry users or those that work in the corporate world that have corporate owned BB’s need performance over the raw eye-candy esthetics. We NEED up-time, reliability … basically an oldie but always welcomed goodie … Stability!! Longevity!

I’m just going through the first hands-on reviews by some of the paid larger bloggers out there and first up is Engadget. Yeah I cannot STAND Engadget’s nose into everything but they get the tech news fast and with more collaborations I cannot ignore them entirely. Yes they used to be on the BlackBerry’s Blacker-the-sweeter nut, then on the iPhone Kool-aid suck-puppies-nut-juice, and now on Android/Google breast feeding ~ basically any company that pays their bills quicker & longer with cash incentives.

Which surprised me with a small paragraph about the iPhone 4 with iOS4 … something that has vindicated me in see all these loosers spitting foul about BlackBerry OS stating “The BlackBerry OS is old and dated, cumbersome & clunky” verbatim. You see it in the biggest forums regardless the majority of the fan base but its just robots repeating the same thing with no opinion or facts to backup a simple statement. Engadget had this to say, without exclusively stating BlackBerry, about the iPhone 4 & iOS 4

It’s not all wine and roses as far as we’re concerned. While Apple has made huge strides in many areas here, this wouldn’t be an Engadget review if we didn’t have our nitpicks. In particular, we still cannot understand or accept the company’s approach to notifications. We’re at version 4 of this OS, and we’re still plagued by these intrusive, productivity-freezing alerts. If you’re as busy as we are, then you know what it’s like to get invite after invite for your calendar, text messages, and push notifications that just stall the phone out. While every other modern OS-maker has figured out an elegant way to deal with notifications (including the forthcoming Windows Phone 7), Apple clings to this broken system. Why?


Get Your Game On – BlackBerry Style

June 11, 2010 Comments off

That’s right Futbol fans its time to get your Flags &  represent!


Your Country, your skills, your beat, your BBM and your love for the game!!

Futbol, or Soccer is THE worlds most popular game in the world: by people played & watch the sport and is possibly THE oldest ~ dating back to the days of the Incan’s with temples dedicated to having the heads of those sacrificed to be wrapped in pelts or hide and icked or butted with the hips into rings on the side of temples several feet high off the ground.

Today should you NEED to follow the action you can use either the ScoreMobile application featured on BlackBerryCool‘s site or the BlackBerry South Africa application ~ which was launched just a few days ago and has already been updated along with BlackBerry AppWorld.

South Africa on BlackBerry

Accessible for download in the link above from the titled application name, you’ll be presented with an application in AppWorld whos developers took the time to develop the main application icon to match that of where the World Cup is taking place.

South Africa for BlackBerry

The layout of this application is exquisitely done.

South Africa for BlackBerry ~ Layout

So if you want a World Cup Soccer application that show you live updates for Scores, News related to the games & event , Videos that open up in a quick link to the browser and automatically play (and ability to be paused or bookmarked) then you need to look no further.

Time for me to go out and drink to the festivities and play a little footy!!

Recent BlackBerry 9800 Slider Leaks: Controlled & Tidbits?!

June 5, 2010 8 comments


Whatever your doing with the 9800 Slider its SICK! Bring it on and FAST!! This device looks like its ready for prime time – like Monday Prime Time. June IS after all the 2nd half of 2010, but not the 3rd quarter.

BB 9800 In Hand

BB 9800 Landscape

BB 9800 Slider Closed

Get a napkin! Now that the porn – regurgitated – is out of the way … lets pontificate.

This product will already sell in the first 30 days like wildfire. But to have sustainable sales, revenue, and the all important – uninformed paid-off nut sucking – clout from the analysts, this unit HAS to execute on the following:

  • Touch Screen Accuracy! This is paramount.
  • Build-Quality, This will be RIM’s first 2-piece product ever launched & that slider must be robust, smooth, and never fail (within that 1 year of course).
  • BlackBerry OS screen transitions. Before the GUI candy appeal, FAST & non-lagging app switching needs to be improved – especially when application switching is being done, and when apps freeze for whatever reason (not detecting a wlan connection fast enough, etc).
  • A Fast acting motion-sensor & DSP for audio; both FULLY accessible by developers. Get this done right RIM and the next Storm may actually have ability to fight iPhone with paradigm shifting audio manipulation & composition applications.

Some things I saw in the videos are that BlackBerry Podcast may just ship with this. Not all Beta users have this available, a shame really since this is one thing that Apple & even Nokia on S60/Symbian actually got right. RIM, you could release controlled leaks to specific PIN’s [which have a full load of people’s email addresses, providers, accounts, etc] for future orders by large corporations, or large consumer sales via providers!!

Also note a NEW icon – clear and purple – for BB Maps (some major improvements here & new features I hope). AutoArchiver, Feeds, Auto-Answer (Car Call Audio Sync app?), and Toolkit make their appearance in that video leaked featured on site. Multiple deletions of SMS is HUGE! Bring this to deleting Songs, Pictures, and Files!!! This also looks like developers existing hard work for API access will NOT be thrown out the Window. Great work RIM … truly fulfilling the corporate name “Research In Motion”.

The ability to individually set the Landscape Wallpaper separately form the Portrait Landscape … oh yeah Themists get your minds spinning, sound transitions!!

Yes I’m definitely upgrading my 9700 to this model … keeping the 9700 with its spare battery as a spare for camping, skydiving, or just mountain biking! The first thing I’m changing is that metallic back cover; RIM give it the 9700’s back cover please!?!! Well back to watching the video then working out.

BB 9800 MicroSD

BlackBerry App Review: S4BB Limited DataBackup

June 3, 2010 1 comment

Sup beautiful people!

The past 2 days I figure that I need to clean-up my Gmail contact list as it was so out of sync from my previous PC’s and now – imported via BBDM – also convoluted on my 2 Mac’s at home. Although I’ve installed this app and has been updated twice over the past 4mths and getting great reviews, and no errors in completing Backups I figure it was time to put this application to the Test.

Since playing around & faltering with firmware updates/downgrades on my Bold 9700 for the past month or so while transitioning to the Mac OS X – I figure that it was time to finally start from scratch.

First I enabled the ‘Enhanced Gmail Plugin’ for Gmail Contacts Sync – which was the only component of that functionality that really worked the past 30+ days on my Bold. This Gmail Contact sync actually enables Enterprise Activation component on the BB and disables local sync via BBM to the Mac Address Book native application – which I’m sure also corresponds on the Windows XP/7 side as well. Google does have quite a bit of resources for servers so this is no surprise. This went off without a hitch … oh yeah LOTS of duplicates and erroneous data mixed up all over the place. Between breaks at work and subway rides home, in a manner of 2days I finally sorted it out: on Gmail that is (not on the Macs’ yet).

Now, last night I performed yet another backup using S4BB Limited DataBackup – a free utility on BlackBerry App World; The only difference made from before is giving it a more definitive name.

This application does allow you to Backup: Contacts, Calendar, Emails – though just the text within only, Memos, and Tasks. Yet its not good if you CANNOT restore any 1 content item or all faithfully.

Last time I continued by updating my 9700’s firmware from 5.0.0423 to (I prefer these since the lock key actually password locks my Bold not just keyboard locks like the recent run of new firmwares). I specifically only allowed 3rd party software to be updated, no local data so Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memo’s where ALL wiped never to be restored unless either this DataBackup application worked or going back to Gmail Contact Sync or the latest 2wk old data sync. All day today I had NO contacts.

On the way home I tried to restore all data options within this app – my data from S4BB DataBackup – which froze at 17%. I waited a few minutes allowing my screen to auto lock, then unlocked no change, could not access the applications’ menu nor even close it. I waited another 20 minutes keeping the Bold stroked to keep the screen unlocked. Nadda. Battery Pull. I then proceeded to retry, froze at 0% for over 40mins while at home tonight. QuickPull time. Retry again – still frozen at 20%. This ALL was done without enabling Gmail Contacts Sync, so I know the application is failing.

Next up … I decided to check BlackBerry AppWorld .. just to see if there is a recent update for DataBackup, low and behold I run into an age old issue where my purchased or FREE apps are NOT showing up. No the ALT+RST trick doesn’t work – sure it closes AppWorld but logon and waiting for confirmation does nothing to resolve this other issue. I believe its due to my account used for AppWorld is not & never has been associated to my BIS service on any BB I’ve ever owned nor ever on my 9700 – I don’t plan to either. What this ALT+RST trick does is auto inputs my primary email account (options> Default Services) into the logon id area; which I need to change.

Next up … thinking a conflict of installed Applications Database with non confirmation from AppWorld may be causing issues in the root of the BlackBerry OS with DataBackup. So its time to purge these applications and battery pull for 1 minute, then retry logon & the ALT+RST trick in AppWorld, download S4BB Limited DataBackup and retry the restore. AppWorld still didn’t work. So I’ve got to redownload S4BB Limited DataBackup.

Still nothing. Well this software – although makes GREAT backups without issue – is NOT really worth your time when you need to rely on it. Yes its STILL in Beta, the reason for it being free, but it should at least give an error when failing.

D8: Sandbox quote – my favourite

June 1, 2010 Comments off

what is your day like, asks Kara?!

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to come in and work with some of the most brilliant people in the world. We play in the best sandbox…

Now that my friends is a great job. I want that in programming and in music.

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