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BlackBerry App Review: S4BB Limited DataBackup

June 3, 2010

Sup beautiful people!

The past 2 days I figure that I need to clean-up my Gmail contact list as it was so out of sync from my previous PC’s and now – imported via BBDM – also convoluted on my 2 Mac’s at home. Although I’ve installed this app and has been updated twice over the past 4mths and getting great reviews, and no errors in completing Backups I figure it was time to put this application to the Test.

Since playing around & faltering with firmware updates/downgrades on my Bold 9700 for the past month or so while transitioning to the Mac OS X – I figure that it was time to finally start from scratch.

First I enabled the ‘Enhanced Gmail Plugin’ for Gmail Contacts Sync – which was the only component of that functionality that really worked the past 30+ days on my Bold. This Gmail Contact sync actually enables Enterprise Activation component on the BB and disables local sync via BBM to the Mac Address Book native application – which I’m sure also corresponds on the Windows XP/7 side as well. Google does have quite a bit of resources for servers so this is no surprise. This went off without a hitch … oh yeah LOTS of duplicates and erroneous data mixed up all over the place. Between breaks at work and subway rides home, in a manner of 2days I finally sorted it out: on Gmail that is (not on the Macs’ yet).

Now, last night I performed yet another backup using S4BB Limited DataBackup – a free utility on BlackBerry App World; The only difference made from before is giving it a more definitive name.

This application does allow you to Backup: Contacts, Calendar, Emails – though just the text within only, Memos, and Tasks. Yet its not good if you CANNOT restore any 1 content item or all faithfully.

Last time I continued by updating my 9700’s firmware from 5.0.0423 to (I prefer these since the lock key actually password locks my Bold not just keyboard locks like the recent run of new firmwares). I specifically only allowed 3rd party software to be updated, no local data so Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memo’s where ALL wiped never to be restored unless either this DataBackup application worked or going back to Gmail Contact Sync or the latest 2wk old data sync. All day today I had NO contacts.

On the way home I tried to restore all data options within this app – my data from S4BB DataBackup – which froze at 17%. I waited a few minutes allowing my screen to auto lock, then unlocked no change, could not access the applications’ menu nor even close it. I waited another 20 minutes keeping the Bold stroked to keep the screen unlocked. Nadda. Battery Pull. I then proceeded to retry, froze at 0% for over 40mins while at home tonight. QuickPull time. Retry again – still frozen at 20%. This ALL was done without enabling Gmail Contacts Sync, so I know the application is failing.

Next up … I decided to check BlackBerry AppWorld .. just to see if there is a recent update for DataBackup, low and behold I run into an age old issue where my purchased or FREE apps are NOT showing up. No the ALT+RST trick doesn’t work – sure it closes AppWorld but logon and waiting for confirmation does nothing to resolve this other issue. I believe its due to my account used for AppWorld is not & never has been associated to my BIS service on any BB I’ve ever owned nor ever on my 9700 – I don’t plan to either. What this ALT+RST trick does is auto inputs my primary email account (options> Default Services) into the logon id area; which I need to change.

Next up … thinking a conflict of installed Applications Database with non confirmation from AppWorld may be causing issues in the root of the BlackBerry OS with DataBackup. So its time to purge these applications and battery pull for 1 minute, then retry logon & the ALT+RST trick in AppWorld, download S4BB Limited DataBackup and retry the restore. AppWorld still didn’t work. So I’ve got to redownload S4BB Limited DataBackup.

Still nothing. Well this software – although makes GREAT backups without issue – is NOT really worth your time when you need to rely on it. Yes its STILL in Beta, the reason for it being free, but it should at least give an error when failing.

  1. June 5, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    Ahh man it looks sweet. Gotta say. So have they made use of new miniSIM technology yet or still normal size SIM cards too? Would love to trial one. 🙂


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