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Recent BlackBerry 9800 Slider Leaks: Controlled & Tidbits?!

June 5, 2010


Whatever your doing with the 9800 Slider its SICK! Bring it on and FAST!! This device looks like its ready for prime time – like Monday Prime Time. June IS after all the 2nd half of 2010, but not the 3rd quarter.

BB 9800 In Hand

BB 9800 Landscape

BB 9800 Slider Closed

Get a napkin! Now that the porn – regurgitated – is out of the way … lets pontificate.

This product will already sell in the first 30 days like wildfire. But to have sustainable sales, revenue, and the all important – uninformed paid-off nut sucking – clout from the analysts, this unit HAS to execute on the following:

  • Touch Screen Accuracy! This is paramount.
  • Build-Quality, This will be RIM’s first 2-piece product ever launched & that slider must be robust, smooth, and never fail (within that 1 year of course).
  • BlackBerry OS screen transitions. Before the GUI candy appeal, FAST & non-lagging app switching needs to be improved – especially when application switching is being done, and when apps freeze for whatever reason (not detecting a wlan connection fast enough, etc).
  • A Fast acting motion-sensor & DSP for audio; both FULLY accessible by developers. Get this done right RIM and the next Storm may actually have ability to fight iPhone with paradigm shifting audio manipulation & composition applications.

Some things I saw in the videos are that BlackBerry Podcast may just ship with this. Not all Beta users have this available, a shame really since this is one thing that Apple & even Nokia on S60/Symbian actually got right. RIM, you could release controlled leaks to specific PIN’s [which have a full load of people’s email addresses, providers, accounts, etc] for future orders by large corporations, or large consumer sales via providers!!

Also note a NEW icon – clear and purple – for BB Maps (some major improvements here & new features I hope). AutoArchiver, Feeds, Auto-Answer (Car Call Audio Sync app?), and Toolkit make their appearance in that video leaked featured on CrackBerry.com site. Multiple deletions of SMS is HUGE! Bring this to deleting Songs, Pictures, and Files!!! This also looks like developers existing hard work for API access will NOT be thrown out the Window. Great work RIM … truly fulfilling the corporate name “Research In Motion”.

The ability to individually set the Landscape Wallpaper separately form the Portrait Landscape … oh yeah Themists get your minds spinning, sound transitions!!

Yes I’m definitely upgrading my 9700 to this model … keeping the 9700 with its spare battery as a spare for camping, skydiving, or just mountain biking! The first thing I’m changing is that metallic back cover; RIM give it the 9700’s back cover please!?!! Well back to watching the video then working out.

BB 9800 MicroSD

  1. June 5, 2010 at 8:08 PM

    i like this site realy thanks alot my friend bookmarkd!


    • Donny
      June 6, 2010 at 2:10 AM

      Thank you for visiting & reading. Although many news the bigger sites get first – they pay for the info and leaks, or geeks love the early clout – I try to look just a bit deeper to see what the hype is originally missed.


  2. June 5, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    Oops I inadvertently left my comment that I was supposed to leave here on your other post. I must pay more attention. Anyway thanks for the write up. Very tempting to trade in my current BB for one of these babies 🙂 Cheers.

    Jon B.


    • Donny
      June 6, 2010 at 2:16 AM

      No worries. I’m seriously considering this 9800 Slider myself for the reasons below:
      More RAM/Memory 512MB, possibly internal storage (1 screenshot a few week back listed 4GB),
      Capacitive Multi-Touch screen.
      Video conferencing camera looks like its there on the front. I’ve only seen 1 BB device where the LED indicator looks like a flash; 8100 Pearl. I could be wrong but would be VERY interesting.
      Same height & width in closed portrait mode as the 9700.


  3. June 10, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    Same old story, so glad I´m getting an Android after 5 years with BlackBerry


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