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Get Your Game On – BlackBerry Style

June 11, 2010

That’s right Futbol fans its time to get your Flags & ¬†represent!


Your Country, your skills, your beat, your BBM and your love for the game!!

Futbol, or Soccer is THE worlds most popular game in the world: by people played & watch the sport and is possibly THE oldest ~ dating back to the days of the Incan’s with temples dedicated to having the heads of those sacrificed to be wrapped in pelts or hide and icked or butted with the hips into rings on the side of temples several feet high off the ground.

Today should you NEED to follow the action you can use either the ScoreMobile application featured on BlackBerryCool‘s site or the BlackBerry South Africa application ~ which was launched just a few days ago and has already been updated along with BlackBerry AppWorld.

South Africa on BlackBerry

Accessible for download in the link above from the titled application name, you’ll be presented with an application in AppWorld whos developers took the time to develop the main application icon to match that of where the World Cup is taking place.

South Africa for BlackBerry

The layout of this application is exquisitely done.

South Africa for BlackBerry ~ Layout

So if you want a World Cup Soccer application that show you live updates for Scores, News related to the games & event , Videos that open up in a quick link to the browser and automatically play (and ability to be paused or bookmarked) then you need to look no further.

Time for me to go out and drink to the festivities and play a little footy!!

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