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iPhone 4 & iOS4 – The Kings new clothes

June 22, 2010

Well I’m just as tempted about all the eye candy as many of you out there; yeah I may once again bite the bullet and get one for myself just to see how the evolution has come across.

But we BlackBerry users or those that work in the corporate world that have corporate owned BB’s need performance over the raw eye-candy esthetics. We NEED up-time, reliability … basically an oldie but always welcomed goodie … Stability!! Longevity!

I’m just going through the first hands-on reviews by some of the paid larger bloggers out there and first up is Engadget. Yeah I cannot STAND Engadget’s nose into everything but they get the tech news fast and with more collaborations I cannot ignore them entirely. Yes they used to be on the BlackBerry’s Blacker-the-sweeter nut, then on the iPhone Kool-aid suck-puppies-nut-juice, and now on Android/Google breast feeding ~ basically any company that pays their bills quicker & longer with cash incentives.

Which surprised me with a small paragraph about the iPhone 4 with iOS4 … something that has vindicated me in see all these loosers spitting foul about BlackBerry OS stating “The BlackBerry OS is old and dated, cumbersome & clunky” verbatim. You see it in the biggest forums regardless the majority of the fan base but its just robots repeating the same thing with no opinion or facts to backup a simple statement. Engadget had this to say, without exclusively stating BlackBerry, about the iPhone 4 & iOS 4

It’s not all wine and roses as far as we’re concerned. While Apple has made huge strides in many areas here, this wouldn’t be an Engadget review if we didn’t have our nitpicks. In particular, we still cannot understand or accept the company’s approach to notifications. We’re at version 4 of this OS, and we’re still plagued by these intrusive, productivity-freezing alerts. If you’re as busy as we are, then you know what it’s like to get invite after invite for your calendar, text messages, and push notifications that just stall the phone out. While every other modern OS-maker has figured out an elegant way to deal with notifications (including the forthcoming Windows Phone 7), Apple clings to this broken system. Why?


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