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RIM Annual General Meeting 2010: Highlights

July 13, 2010

BBM “Sup beautiful people?!”

Ok time to look at the FACTS! With 11 shareholders controlling over 40% of the shares at RIM’s Annual General Meeting 2010 at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) at 6:30 PM earlier tonight; these facts will show up in the next financial books that will also be reported to all stock listing indices. So onto the facts behind the hype!

During Balsillie’s opening speech …

  • What’s really important is the global growth of our subscriber base. Now over 46 million.
  • RIM cash position, we added $400-million this year.
  • Cash on hand is now $3.3billion.
  • We’re midstream on purchasing the 31 million shares announced in the buyback, although we’re not committed to that amount.
  • BlackBerry is #1 smartphone for Tweet on Twitter, and the BlackBerry Facebook app was downloaded 3 million times in the fiscal year.
  • BlackBerry still #1 smartphone in Canada and U.S., #2 smartphone vendor worldwide.
  • Really powerful relationship with Adobe around Flash is part of plan going forward. We’ll support HTML 5 too.
  • This fusing of business and personal is very interesting … you want all these collaboration technologies … we think we do that all very well, when they’re mixed and when they aren’t. One of the things that’s in BlackBerry 6, is split profiles between personal and work profile.

So to all those that believe RIM is using an OS with a kernel that is too old be modern, not smart enough to handle personal or corporate duties, or calls (jab intended), and can handle social communications; read the facts, then state the opinions.

That last part about splitting profiles between work & personal sounds VERY familiar … ah yes the Nokia E71 I had offered this and did a fine job too. Layout of applications, themes where also separated, along with shortcuts and notification sounds where different too in both profiles on the E71/E66. However, the content in PIM (Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Calendar, Phone call log, and alarms) remained the same no matter which profile was used. RIM has a tiny start here in that Contacts, Notes, and Contacts can all be set to Personal or Business for filtering; so this could get VERY interesting, powerful and most importantly more intuitive and personally useful.

Mike Lazaridis had this to say at the AGM …

  • This is a great time for something that is a communication and data device.
  • It’s a very focused company, we do one thing, and we do it very well.
  • Not only did we invent this space, but we also realized that to control our own destiny, we had to build our own technology. We made sure that we didn’t just fill in the gaps, but we innovated solutions.
  • This is a real product, it makes people more productive, has a great value in their lives.
  • Ownership and control of our platform provides seamless integration, security and user experience.

This is RIM’s stance on why a curated platform is best for end users versus a constant ongoing ever escalating and changing debate that ensues in open~source platforms; which may or may NOT be going quite like that.

  • Ownership and control of our 3G radio code stack provides unsurpassed performance, quality, battery life and IPR.
  • All these networks have challenges. Building antennas is hard, making sure the battery lasts is hard, making sure the software works is hard … by us investing early in building our own 3G stack, we’ve been able to provide a seamless and best in class experience.
  • When you look at our BlackBerrys, a great deal of effort has gone into not just the technology, but the design and how people feel and relate to these products. When you have a device near you, it takes on a whole new meaning than something that sits under your desk
  • About 15 million lines of code in BlackBerry 6.

So STILL no date on BB6, no specific new hardware announcement, and nothing on this silly notion for a tablet; I have NO IDEA how RIM would benefit from a tablet or why it NEEDS one.

  1. July 18, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Folks, do not believe in this bullshit.


  2. Donny
    July 25, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    ^ really?! So investors that pay money for a large corporation like RIM that benefits its clients and those clients benefit from RIM’s efforts don’t believe this?

    Dude you need to do you research before bombing other blogs.


  3. July 12, 2011 at 7:04 PM

    Why a tablet? For one because the screen on phones is too small to read properly and for a long time and especially so if you are sharing the content with a colleague or customer. For the latter a 10″ is better, but for carrying around or viewing while commuting, by train or plane etc, the 7″ is ideal… even for hauling it out for sharing with a customer.
    Would a laptop do the same… yes if the communication with the phone was seemless, but RIM is not a PC/Laptop mfr… so a tablet makes sense and a logical extension of it’s brand.


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