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RIM – Manhattan Dazzling this Tuesday

July 31, 2010

RIM Celebration

RIM is about to make a splash this coming Tuesday, at a press conference to the reporters invited online in Manhattan.

BlackBerry 9800 Slider

Lots of rumors going around with the BlackBerry 9780 – a decent upgrade to RIM’s best selling BlackBerry 9700, the BlackBerry 9800 Slider, and possibly official announcement of BlackBerry 6 OS. Many analysts of upgraded the stock rating for longer term projections due to strong rumors & also to this recent planned announcement.

The 9780 is rumoured to be a slight upgrade to the 9700. Its dimensions will be exact, and the layout most likely will be as well. Under the hood is where the similarities remain the same and also stellar improvements that remind users of the original Bold, the 9000. BlackBerry 6 with WebKit Engine, 5MP Camera with LED flash (Xenon would have been sweet but the Storm 3 may get that), increased flash memory to the tune of 512MB, and with 2GB of built-in storage!! The most important thing is the cost – to providers offering it on contract and to end users willing to purchase outright. No you will NOT need to camp out at midnight the night before, nor worry about RIM trying to induce demand with limited supplies (Foxcon only makes iPhone 4 hardware for Apple and as an OEM they shouldn’t have issues – supply chain complaints by Apple have NOT been confirmed by analysts so I see that as trying to induce demand to create a cult frenzy). Oddly enough SNTradersOnline has the 9780 with price advertised on their site – non in stock presently.

Aside from the highlights mentioned above, I feel RIM should be looking at a few minor things to help out its cost structure, yet also to help out the little guy – the end user & corporate user. These should also help out the supply chain as well. RIM is by any means in NO trouble with finances – having amongst the brightest mines running the company, and amongst the best CFO managing the finances thereof.

BlackBerry 6 - Many Devices, One System, Great Experiences

Model lineup. We all know that RIM makes several models that appeal to many different users of many different lifestyles. With BlackBerry 6 RIM is realizing in order to keep consumer sales rising with corporate sales in tow, making the device appeal to both markets as a workhorse alone will not do it. They are beginning to brand it as a lifestyle device – and with the original BlackBerry 6 pre-release video showing the female fashion marquee, the business male, and the cool student – RIM is doing this with careful attention & with prowess like Apple does. I honestly feel that the Pearl 3G 9100 needed more marketing attention and should’ve been released about 2years earlier to have given it greater success. However to make the product lineup stronger we should have 3-4 basic models (2 having the same resolution): Full qwerty to have static screens (Bold & Flip lineup) or combine touch screen with trackpad, touch-screen only units (Storm series) to be the front runner of hardware and industry standard API (OpenGL ES 2 minimum this year, etc), Pearl Series (which may get phased out), and finally the all-in-wonderful 9800 Slider.

Hardware. I believe RIM should make some serious strides here. No longer giving us of “just enough hardware power” to perform the intended tasks. Hardware should standardize on powerful ARM Cortex A8/A9 chip architecture, higher RAM (that JVM needs it for powerful apps), storage (more on this later), and finally the batteries. Technically the Bold & Pearl should share the SAME batteries, only the thickness is slightly different and really reducing the supply chain for batteries would benefit RIM’s cost structure, analysts, and the end user – many of whom decide to switch hardware platforms within the lineup from RIM mid-year. Possibly the 9800 may take the Bold 9700’s battery as well, however the power requirements for a touchscreen are slightly more demanding than the slate units. So the future Storm and 9800 Slider & the new full-qwerty flip should also carry the same battery (1500mAh minimum). These units will most likely have a thinner body and longer motherboard to fit the chipsets, this is just common sense. Stop using metal for battery covers; they scratch easily (tables, rings,etc) and look horrible, not to mention lessen grip and least comfortable in the cold winter months. (Common RIM you’re Canadian; start using leather embossed battery covers even if its fake its working on the 9700). Lastly, more work needs to be done with car-bluetooth synchronization for calls and contacts.

The OS. I sincerely hope that OS 6 allows for Applications to be (securely, non-sharing) on the storage memory (microsd cards included). RIM can somehow allow the apps to be set to a specific PIN and changeable by end user should they upgrade or switch devices but not allowed on 2 PIN’s simultaneously to threading developers sales. Just a thought on this.

The future of BlackBerry is going to be incredible. I was a fool to get the iPhone 3GS again; realizing just how solid the hardware and OS 5 was for daily use and efficiency and notes in my daily work I should’ve kept it and just got an iPod. To be honest the latest builds of OS 5 my premium headphones worked as designed.


RIM BB Bold 970

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