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Where’s The Love for BlackBerry?!?!

August 4, 2010

Since the early announcement – earlier than analysts in North America expected – of the BlackBerry 6 and Torch 9800, I’ve read so many negatives about BlackBerry across cell-geek forums, Mac user forums (heavily IP4 biased), and the press you’d think NOBODY was going to own a BlackBerry past this summer.

Let me show you some of the points that I’ve come across; some valid, some blatantly biased you’d think 4 cups of sugar was poured into a 1cup of Kool-Aid.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting the iPhone due to its advanced business features in iOS 4…RIM is actually losing a lot of appeal, as its third party-based “secure” and “encrypted” services are more and more under the scrutiny of governments. BB’s dependability is a great myth.

Hmm interesting point. Funny how just 4yrs ago so many governments wanted security and reached out TO RIM for their BlackBerry. Now you get mis-quoted press stating “we’re cutting off all RIM services immediately or at the end of the month” to “we’re just cutting off BBM” do to the lack of security since governments cannot VIEW the content of said messages. I mostly blame Engadget and similar sites for skewing this junk from the full truth. Unfortunately so many people do NOT know how the infrastructure works – and a simple solution for ANY government smartphone deployment for Mobile Communications SHOULD be administered where IM chat should be REMOVED before deployment and the IT Policy’s (just like GPO’s in Windows, not sure the Mac OS X equivalent) to restrict end user from ever installing it. Why the UAE & Indian governments cannot figure this out they shouldn’t be using BES in the first place / hire someone that is trained to use it.

Some people HAVE to carry a Blackberry because of work, especially those who travel and still have the old unlimited international data plans on their account, this is a great step up for them. I know people that wish their bold had a bigger screen, with a touch interface on top of a physical keyboard, for them this is gonna be very good.

As far as the processor, no its not a 1GHz Snapdragon or Hummingbird, but lets not forget that the processor on the iPhone 3GS is said to be running at 600MHz, with only 256MB of Ram, and quite honestly, the speed difference between the 3GS and the iP4 isnt all that noticeable. The processor on the Torch is said to be running at 624MHz with 512MB or Ram, double what the 3GS has, so if RIM managed to optimized their OS reasonably well, the phone could have a surprisingly “fluid” experience. I’m waiting until I use one to before I come to any conclusions.

VERY well said. Java, even RIM’s heavy modifications of it run very efficiently. The fact that RIM rights their own 3G stack, radio stack – shows they know how to make a phone that can operate with quality calls, reliably with efficient data connectivity.

Yeah and iOS is totally secure. Especially since it allows Jailbreaking via a Webpage which is actually utilizing a Font security hole that was originally in OSX that apple… ah you get the point.

BES will allow the Blackberry to remain a player in the Enterprise. Until Apple releases a centralized management tool for the iPhone it will always be something Corporate Security teams shutter at. Just because a CEO who likes new toys says his company is going to adopt something, doesn’t mean the Info Security won’t do its due diligence to squash it.

BlackBerry has reached out to the consumer market years ago, first with the 7100, then again with the 8100 Pearl – then they found so many consumers purchasing their top end devices; they decided to make them better – under the hood where the important things count.

Regarding corporate Security and Corporate Enterprise – users of 3000 plus in just 1 country in this day & age of global corporate users RIM will survive for quite a long time still.

Also Webkit Engine – the foundation of RIM’s browser in BlackBerry 6 surpassed ACID Test 3 100/100 – and at a faster rate page over page than iOS4 on iPhone 4 or 3GS; many youtube videos shows this with early prototype leaks. RIM is the MASTER at perfecting OS builds and resolving bug issues – NO OTHER OS maker on ANY platform comes close – dare I say even OS X.

This device suits my current needs, my former needs for the past 4yrs, and possibly my future needs into the foreseeable future.

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