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Nokia E7 … a successor to the E90?!

September 14, 2010

Engagets Hands-On E7

This is a serious offering by Nokia. This is what Nokia should have followed up with the glorious E71, just 1 year after it debuted forgoing the E72.

Can this device be a true, yet modern successor to the E90? Moreover will this device bring back Ricky Cadden to the Nokia review elite?!

Let’s see what it offers, not just to fans but to business owners in the modern world where it REALLY counts.

Nokia E7 Features :

* Real time Personal & Work Emails

* Maps with FREE GPS Navigation (Car, Pedestrian, Turn by Turn).

* 8 MP camera with 720p @ 30fps video recording

– not all corporate users are confined to just email, sorry RIM.

* Full QWERTY keyboard, is slide out in Landscape mode.

– allows touch navigation and manipulation during quick access requirements, while allowing full 3+ paragraph emails when required, keyboard shortcuts (we’ll have to see on this), yet only 1 shift key is presented, but separate from the function key.

* Mail for Exchange (there better be some serious improvements here), Microsoft Communicator Mobile (corporate IM chat is a bonus), and support for Intranet & extranet portals built on MS Share Point Server – this is a SERIOUS offering!!!

* JoikuSpot pre-installed is a nice plus as well but without advertising or marketing this will not get much push.

* Flash Lite 4 will support a majority of Flash Player 10.1 content (WHY is this necessary, when just about most corporate communications hardly deal with flash sites off of the PC workstation? Hmmm).

* Dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0 enables 3D graphics!

The MAIN issue is Symbian^3 … a real unknown in the North American business marketplace and that is MAINLY due to Nokia’s horrible marketing skills. Its got the stones to replace the aged king, the E90 but it needs to be known to do so.

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  1. December 1, 2010 at 5:18 PM

    Not a bad review but a more head to head comparison a-la Steve Litchfield style would have been better! As to the E7 it does look good enough to replace my E90 and I’m seriously considering it. Some points to consider that I’ve read about: Battery size, could be bigger according to popular opinion but until I see some real world use testing there is not much point in going on about it, although a couple of days use is my benchmark. Keyboard, 4 rows rather than 6 does seem a step backward although the E7’s touchscreen links may make up for the E90’s shortcut keys. However the E90’s dedicated number key row not being carried over will be a minus point. Screen resolution, on the face of it the E7 is not as good but I need to see the AMOLED screen with CBT in the flesh side by side with the E90 before I make my mind up. Symbian^3, I actually look forward to using it, I like the way it combines the familiar with new features. I really want to see and use both phones to write an email, surf the net etc, it’s this sort of testing that I’m looking forward to performing and reading about.


    • Donny
      December 2, 2010 at 6:26 PM

      Thank you for stopping by, commenting and the kind words. Unfortunately I’m not Steve Litchfield, and my style is very newb if it a style at all. Steve was pioneer for video blogging and trying to duplicate that with no experience for video personality would be an insult to him and other S60 fans. Personally I’m done with S60/Symbian as it just hasn’t improved enough to entice more developers to make unique apps or unique implementations of apps for it. The hardware from Nokia is for the most part currently competitive … but Nokia took too long to release S60 & Symbian source code to be open source.


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