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BlackBerry 6 – My One Request to change

September 27, 2010


Thus far with all the leaked videos (controlled or not) of your pending BlackBerry 6 OS release I’ve been completely impressed. Sincerely … THIS IS what Palm tried to deliver with the WebOS and with a proper slider like the 9800 … I feel you have FINALLY beaten Palm at their age old game.

However I have one humble, yet profound request. PLEASE for HEAVEN’S SAKE … enable LARGE caller ID photos!!! Many of your clientele, including one of your founders and CEO’s wears glasses. I already need to squint at the words/letters/numbers and you do a FANTASTIC job for clarity … especially in present competition: iPhone 4, Android armada, and WinMobile 7 alike.

For YEARS many of us former Nokia S60 symbian device users had to deal with paying third party apps JUST to simply enable larger than actual thumbnail size caller id photos.

BlackBerry 6 Caller ID

BlackBerry 6 Caller ID is too small

Its time to fix this while RIM still can … with the trend of increasing themists charging $4-10 CAN on the BlackBerry platform (quality themes and skilled themists excluded) ~ which many are NOT worth it ~ I fear RIM is opening a can of worms to lead Themists to enabled such an oversight.

Please, dear RIM internal developers, fix this and FAST!!

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    herp derp


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