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BBM – Love What You Do, Improvements Required

October 23, 2010

Hi there,

Its been a while since I blogged, and I blame that for the candy appeal that is iPhone 4. Yes I defected for a short 2mths – yet I found that amongst the plethora of apps in App Store, not that many appealed to me, mix that with my perception of fragile glass front/rear and no time to use it daily during multiple hours along with a flawed design, I needed functionality with media. Thus I’m BACK!

Now during work this past week I notice a small flawed feature in BBM. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE BBM though I’m not addicted as I’m not a chatter bug, I’m a shutterbug! BBM allows you to do all kinds of great things – but the world is changing. Many ppl in our office just cannot carry their business phone and their work phone in their suits or bags everyday, all day long. But communication is key and this is where BBM comes into focus and yet fails.

BBM Features

BBM allows me or the end user to backup their BBM list either locally to the device, microSD card, and also associated in the cloud to an email address – and this ALL works flawlessly. There in lies the issue. You CANNOT combine BBM lists from one device to another – EVEN using the same cloud associated email service that RIM hosts. Why?! RIM is moving with the times, offer BES Express for small to medium business for free for a proper push service and synchronization platform. RIM also has a magnitude of studies that show many corporate offices are having end users purchase their own BlackBerries while the business pays for the data plan and allows personal BB’s on BES – the latter could be a nightmare in a mixed ownership environment but that is another post. BES allows for personal and corporate emails to co-exist on a BB, even DUAL BES association, yet BBM will not allow 2 different lists/groups to exist.



In the next BBM update I’d like to see the following:

  1. Ability to mix both personal & corporate BBM lists
  2. Ability to combine the above or keep separate; a switch feature.
  3. using the switch feature let end-user determine which is online/away.
  4. PIN upgrades allows automatic update to your community/peeps/entourage.
  5. Ability to notify personal list that you’re working and archive BBM until end-user/recipient comes BACK online – pending BBMs or a “do not disturb”.

Until these features get implemented then BBM, in my mind, does NOT deserve a pound …

BBM Pound

BBM Pound - Truth in Effective Communication

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