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Webkit Engine – Browser API Inquiry p2

October 31, 2010

Well I pretty much tired of the Torch 9800, for reasons I’ll come to later.

The Browser issue I encountered was annoying on BB6 with the Torch, considering BB5 never experienced the issue. Browsing while on network via the NOC always worked (even without APN enabled), yet enabling WLAN and connecting to either an Open AP or to a protected and MAC Filtered AP using WPA2 never worked on the Torch.

Sending new service books – from my provider Rogers Wireless that launched the Torch didn’t help, pulling the battery did not also – even after a 2mins pull – and looking on blackberry.com/btsc – a VERY helpful public wiki by RIM did not lead to any resolution. Unless my searches or my particular 9800 had a bug on the current (1st released) FW update – then its annoying.

Prior on the 9700 even an unlocked and FW switched 9700 never had a problem with the same wireless hub and settings. I could actually turn OFF the wireless radio – keeping only WLAN enabled & connected – and was still able to take/place calls and surf without issue nor a hiccup.

The Torch is a good phone … but too many compromises where made in its development to production which is leading to sales droppping and less providers pushing the model.

  • Touch screen is multitouch but does not have the smooth input response that the iPhone, Android capacitive touch phones, and soon even WM7 Phones have achieved.
  • transitions when swiping side to side for switching to previous/next email is NOT smooth. Its like a static frame skipping – more like watching stop motion from those 80’s Sinbad movies, not the smooth stop motion that Tim Burton perfected. If the transitions where like what we see in movies like Coraline, A Nightmare before Christmas, etc by Tim Burton then I’d feel more assured that FW updates would resolve the issue.

Due to the above issues or perceptions one feels that the cpu chosing was a BAD compromise decision by engineers or number crunchers (per unit profits).

This brings me to an impass on my next smartphone purchase. I’m unsure I can wait another week without a phone before Rogers announces an official date for the Bold 9780 (though a sales rep stated Nov 2nd). For the first time I’m beginning to consider an Android phone, the HTC Desire Z

Android Central Mascott


  1. Smooth & fast responsive Capactive Multi-Touch screen!
  2. Full QWERTY-Keyboard only when you need it, something that appealed to me with the Torch.
  3. Modern High Resolution display. Used in conjunction with above VNC or remoting into workstations would be a bliss – yet I need to find out how applications enable this and which are available.
  4. Very powerful and efficient CPU so that major OS updates don’t leave this device behind too fast – no FALSE FW updates with no expected dates – RIM 9700 promise to BB6 I’m looking at YOU!
  5. The top two innovative manufacturers in the world are making devices that have a GREAT track record: HTC & Samsung.
  6. Ability to download Maps directly to storage so that GPS does NOT incur data rates and no waiting for square blocks to be filled when mobile!! This is something I really missed having since I left S60.

More powerful and competitively priced devices due to cheaper OS licensing.

Android Podcast Boombastic

The CORE things I need to find out are: PIM how does the various versions of Android handle PIM capabilities? Which device design appeals to me and serves my needs – yours most likely vary from mine. Which models have the best build quality? Which can be used on HSPA 850/1900Mhz bands?

The pricing of the upcoming 9780 will range from $139-199 on a 3yr contract with Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile Canada. But … is it enough of an improvement over the 9700 to be worth it?! I’m leaning more to what I’m familiar and very efficient with BUT I wonder how many developers will continue to support the BlackBerry platform with the current state of hardware choices for consumers and business??!!

Application developers are SLOW to releasing updates to traditional software for BB6 – Reuters Pro yet to update for Torch (another reason I dropped it), Bloomberg was a joke no improvements.

I’m beginning to feel that the following is necessary for RIM to whether the competitive storm its in for the next 3/4 quarters – yet I hope I’m wrong:

  • A more powerful and energy-efficient cpu: 800Mhz; along with a great mobile video chipset.
  • OpenGL 2.0/2.1 ES bare-minimum.
  • Higher resolution displays – both in Landscape/Portrait. Regardless of breaking application compatibility – your primary global audience demographics are not 16yr olds and most likely 60% of them where glasses for reading. Higher resolution screens help end user experience and entice both developers and themists to push their imaginations for better creativity.

Stop thinking like Apple and restricting your innovation and enjoyment of your users. Please>!!! I’ll probably still get the 9780 ONLY due to the major BB/BES support at work – but this market is beginning to shrink RIM and you NEED to release QNX on the smartphone seen SOON!

RIM … you NEED a mascott to go along with your OS/Brand or use the logo more prominantly and not just the BBM* in your ads.

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    This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Mikehagler.


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    • Donny
      November 26, 2010 at 9:23 PM

      Thank you. Glad you liked this post. Lately I’ve been a bit drained and uninspired but I will do quite a few more … hopefully to inspire others or help out.
      Cheers & thanks for stopping by and reading & replying.


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    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages


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