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BB6 – Leaked for 9700 – It’s all good

November 2, 2010

Stop the worrying. This thing is SMOOOTH and its worth it. Get your Webkit Engine groove on; its NOT a theme so trust it. Remember its a leak – so its something RIM already created and its .326 so its stable enough. I’m running it on the corporate 9700 and I can tell you its holding up pretty good. I’m enjoying this better than the Torch.
There STILL needs to be some refinements: LARGE scrolling lists when selecting drop down menu’s – i.e. craigslist – when in the for sale section, changing from Cellphones to say furniture … when you click that drop-down list it takes up 90 percent of the screen. Transitions are quick as is the pop-up contextual menu’s.

DOH I forget to check the Social Feeds.


Webkit is all there – refinement when using more than tabs is required, but its efficient and fast. Battery life is not a concern for this one.

PS: If you have already downloaded it and looking to upgrade your device – BE PATIENT during the “waiting for device” stage, as it takes the better part of almost 40mins – but I tell yeah its worth the sugar rush.

To be honest I wonder if this was a CLOSED pre-internal authorized leak … something to gauge the feedback from users “BOLD” enough – pun intended to go full out and play with it. Something for RIM to refine for quick bug fixes while leaving MAJOR improvements for the imminent 9780.

Alas this is a sugar pang fill … not a substitute for the 9780 as THAT is going to be bliss.

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