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PlayBook – RIM in to WIN

November 25, 2010

Ok boys & girls,

The popular BlackBerry fan sites are all a cheer posting one blogs rumored finding about pricing for this bad-bwoy; but that is just small fry-guy cooler talk. What you have failed to noticed is Apple’s news that Foxconn is reportedly ramping up production (2nd time this year – first was 2mths ago officially announced by Apple) of iPads to meet demand this holiday season. Sure there is demand for this dated tablet – but with huge competition from RIM, Acer, and other smaller OEMs just around the corner this news smells of late marketing put into overdrive for fear of loosing that 90% market share that Apple created in the consumer space since it debuted the iPad to douche-bag fanatics.

RIM is in this to win!

Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron mentioned the following recently regarding RIM and the PlayBook

  • RIM will sell 100,000 PlayBook units in the fiscal fourth quarter ending Feb.28.
  • For fiscal 2012—a year from February—RIM will have sold 3.2 million units at an average selling price of $540.
  • Add it up and you’ll have 3.3 million PlayBook units in the market.

If executed properly, the PlayBook could help RIM defend its enterprise leadership against intensifying competition from Apple, Android and WP7. With that said, much uncertainty remains and we’re not convinced RIM has successfully addressed its competitive smartphone gaps.

– said Kidron.


Here is what I think:

Regardless of the recent news of Apple poaching RIM’s enterprise sales staff, whom are incredibly talented and work hard – if not just overlea greedy (they are in sales after-all an commission is king); Apple has ALWAYS relied on Microsoft solutions for proper PIM and corporate email handling. Their Mail application in OS X – iOS mirrors this limited construct – is a functional joke if any Apple user takes management of their email for running their business seriously – get Office suite (2011 is incredible). Apple has relied on Microsoft since the dawn of the Macintosh back in 1984 (I was 11/12 back then and I own/use and typing this article on my Alu_MB 2009 edition right this moment). Without Open Directory implementation with Active Directory (for MS Exchange/AD infrastructure) implemented for large corporations, and using Microsoft Exchange, no amount of marketing “SPIN” or salesmanship Jobs puts on will put a dent in how a large corporation manages email & infrastructure. Without a complete overhaul all these reps being hired for top-dollar won’t do much.

Now ad to this that this PlayBook will be the first of 3 devices to ship that can handle Symmetric Multi-Processing (just like your full blown laptop/desktop/server has been able to for over a decade) in 32-bit along with full HD Video Conferencing (rear & front!!) that works seamlessly in existing BES infrastructure … along with consumer uptake this device will be HUGE.

Just take a look at all the corporate sites that use FLASH for huge content presentation & consumption: HMV, Beatport, Sears, et cetera et cetera – the applications in the corporate & consumer market abound BEYOND what we’ve seen promised by the iPad. Applications are already being made and highlighted to embrace this and its not SHIPPING yet!! WOAH!

With all this to consider, I believe RIM can sell – with proper non-aggressive marketing – 500, 000 PlayBook 1 devices by 2QTR debut (6months) into the retail market. Sun Life Financial has some 40K employees nationally, some 40% will get those, a few hospitals in the USA are seriously eyeballing these, and we’ll continue to see more news on this.

Yes RIM is in this to win it!!


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