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PlayBook Vaja Cases?! Hmmm

November 26, 2010

Just noticed new accessory posted both on RIM’s site for 9780 and also on the Leather guru tour de force outfit – Vaja Cases and there is this sweet leather tablet case with an imbedded case for your Bold 9700/9780 to go along with it.

We know the first edition of the PlayBook – which although will have a module recepticle – most likely for a 3G upgrade or possibly 4G upgrade down into late 2011 [the hardware definitely can support it; and RIM doesn’t nickle & dime like Apple], it does use your exising BlackBerry data connection over Bluetooth 2.0/2.1 EDR for 2.1Mbps data throughput (after overhead for load/network balancing for data transmission is factored in).

I really wish RIM used a WLAN solution for tethering since at 3G speeds reaching an easy 1000-1500Mbps average download on Rogers Wireless or HIGHER for other devices (1500 for BB’s on average) are easily attainale – Bluetooth reaches its maximum solution. Sure RIM are the masters for Bluetooth security since Red-M paved the way for BT Access Points in Europe for Sony Ericsson phones some 6yrs ago; but data throughput is restricted; not heavily yet still restricted non-the-less.

Check out cases here:¬†http://www.vajacases.com/blackberry/ let the auto play show you what I’ve mentioned about a possible Bold & PlayBook leather case.

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