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RIM Acquires TAT – The Astonishing Tribe

December 2, 2010


Tat Logo

Consider this for a moment. RIM Acquires TAT – The Astonishing Tribe.

TAT has been in the GUI business as an underground start-up and rose to fame by augmenting smartphone GUI’s ahead of conception and the competition … and at one time delivered for the legendary Nokia N95 – the original for a limited release. Nokia flirted with the idea of working with Tribe for GUI interfaces yet never really delivered, much to the disappointment of Nokia fans [formerly, myself included].

Many smartphone users that follow the Google wave/Android uplift have heralded them as being the fore-runners of design for smartphone GUI interfaces. Symbian S60 users [past/present] KNOW BETTER. TAT was the first to present augmented reality as a concept, but not just as an application, but as a powerful GUI: from the menu structure down to the file system. Their are the thinkers and dreamers of creative and useful GUI design. Did you know that TAT’s intellectual technology powers [in lesser form] over 470+ devices?

Many long-time BlackBerry users have waited a LONG time to fully use the Webkit-Engine in BB6 and recently it shows just how much we’re enjoying it and using it as a daily tool in our lives. Something so powerful, yet executed so wonderfully can be expected in TAT’s design’s for future devices.


We can DEFINITELY expect to see this in a future Firmware update to the PlayBook. If we look carefully to at RIM’s official PlayBook announcement video you can see a hint of what’s to come from their collaboration and partnership with The Astonishing Tribe. The future Q1 2011 target release date for the powerful PlayBook is beginning to make sense and when its in our hands … beyond just the specs it’ll look and feel powerful to all users and beyond business consumption.

For more on what The Astonishing Tribe can do … check out their youtube channel here – just to get a taste .. TATMobileUI. I suggest looking at the “3D Eyetracking UI”.

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