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Rogers Tablife – David Neale & RIM’s Tablet Goals

December 8, 2010

Rogers Wireless hosted an intimate conference open to a handful of press and consumers that participated in a raffle like ticket access last Friday. Unfortunately due to overwhelming duties at work I could not attend; good thing as I’d have drooled.

PlayBook Camera - Lookie what my tablet can do 😉

I’d like to highlight just who David Neale is and how important and significant he is to RIM and the PlayBooks image. David is Vice President of Special Projects at Research in Motion as of in May of 2010. Previously, he was Senior Vice President, Products & Services, responsible for directing the development of all Consumer products and services for Wireline and Wireless at Telus Communications Inc. Prior to this, he had the role of Vice President, Service Development for Rogers Communications Inc., an advancement of an earlier appointment, as VP Product Development at Rogers Wireless, where he was responsible for long-term network and technology strategy and architecture, and for overseeing the development and implementation of all new wireless voice and data products. There is more to his previous repertoire, but lets just say not only is he charismatic but he KNOWS the market & competition and has evolved his understanding of it beyond all the other presenters & staff at Rogers. What’s possibly a delight is for him to walk into Rogers Headquarters and see previous colleagues with a grin and thinking “Poppa’s got a brand new bag”.

David Neale, the last presenter of the Tablife presentation & undoubtedly the BEST, gave us a teasing taste of where the PlayBook is currently in terms of daily development.


We learn a few things from this presentation. Torch Flash is running in a Flash environment and currently is still not dual core optimized – note that EACH of the TI OMAP 4440 cores are capable of SMP on their own. This is a KEY announcement – and leads up to his comment later that most applications on smartphones/tablets currently are “windows” to the internet. RIM already understands that even with Bit.ly and other short-URL services … users STILL don’t like having to type http://www.xyz.com/blah/bada/bing.

The position of the BlackBerry PlayBook – will initially be focused on the Busines market – yet not exclusive to that market. RIM, like the competition – yet most likely understands target markets & segmentation better – realizes that people live both in Business & Personal worlds. With the “enterprise grade” hardware this is NOT a toy.

RIM BB PlayBook - Medical Application

RIM’s view of this space includes pushing economies of scale for the END user. initial product launch will have WLAN for networking and multimedia consumption, Bluetooth tethering with the smartphone for presentation and browsing (low multimedia streaming use). This allows the end user NOT to have a data sharing plan like what Rogers is pushing take advantages of NOC compression for things like email, normal internet browsing, ebooks, online document viewing & editing, etc. RIM is NOT locking themselves into a 7″ only form-factor down the road but currently 7″ just feels right in the hand. RIM realizes that battery life is the KEY killer component in enjoying high-end performance.

RIM BB PlayBook - Tethering

Think “genuine” mobile computing – taking what was hinted at by iPad. Computing is getting closure to being in the cloud – something google services keep investing and developing in yet users still want things tangible a sense of complete ownership.

Development done in Flash will be compatible for the PlayBook … yet although I imagined this, David hinted that development could be done on the PlayBook.

RIM BB PlayBook - Flash Application

I’d like to see the power of QNX and the SMP dual core cpu’s used in the PlayBook be harnessed by an ingenious set of applications that can use the WLAN or 3G connection via Bluetooth to distribute compiling of applications for a team of developers on multiple PlayBooks, access and management of databases, a true real-time live “whiteboard” extensible across continents during a video conference with collaboration – auto saving locally & to a protected sharepoint intranet or internet portal. This is BBM on steroids and pumped up. These possibilities for distributed computing are pretty much endless.

RIM BB PlayBook - Platform


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