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BB6 on 9780

December 12, 2010

This is my humble findings of changes in BB6 in the 9780 vs BB5 in the 9700.

First off is my use for years trying to combine music playback on a smartphone vs carrying a separate iPod – I don’t fit the iPod Touch demographic. In the past I’ve transferred music to the MicroSD card in my former 9700 on my primary Mac via USB. Last night I used my family Mac to create an MP3 from a video track and transfer it over Bluetooth to my 9780, and today tried to add it to existing playlist. To my surprise I was forbidden to do this. Some background is that I only sync my 9780 to Desktop Manager for Mac 2.0.057 Beta, and all my music is managed with iTunes.

Playlist Track Restriction

Something else that has been driving me completely mad, something that even #BlackBerryHelp on Twitter could not find an answer to and suggested I alert my provider to have them escalate with RIM was Folder Redirection. For that that don’t know, Folder Redirection enables the following: Ability to View emails in other folders, Ability to File an email into any of those folders, and ability to search emails within those folders on your mail client. This works on BB6 for BES enabled devices: Torch, 9700 on BB6 Beta, Style, etc … but for some odd reason on my 9780 I CANNOT view any of those subfolders. Instead I get a plethora of system folders – see the screenshot.

Folder Redirection - WHAT?

Folder Redirection mishap

Regardless of RIM’s current publicly available articles – which all seem to have documentation for BB5 &/or BES connected units – nothing resolves this. Yes I’ve tried to delete & undelete the service books for my IMAP enabled online email accounts (GMAIL & YAHOO), and have also tried to fully remove the associated service books, remove the email accounts, even remove my unit from the BIS service entirely – since I still have access to my providers portal. NON of this works; if you have a solution PLEASE let me know.

While larger money making blogs are more concerned about fast scrolling and their inability to adjust or adjust the trackpad settings – Kevin of CrackBerry (ahem, no names 😉 ) – I’m more concerned about REAL daily uses of using the BlackBerry 6 in a flagship device in RIM’s smartphone lineup.

UPDATE: Video as Promised (hoping clarity is processed soon)

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  1. Donny
    December 12, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Video to Follow soon; awaiting upload completion to youtube.


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