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Ha! How does it taste haters?!

December 17, 2010

Yup that’s right … viral post from a user & fan. Lots of incredible announcements the past two days.

Mike Lazaridis Co-CEO RIM

RIM AnnouncesQ3 Fiscal 2011 Results


Fiscal 2011
Q1 Quarter End: May 29, 2010 Reporting Date: June 24, 2010
Q2 Quarter End: August 28, 2010 Reporting Date: September 16, 2010
Q3 Quarter End: November 27, 2010 Reporting Date: December 16, 2010
Q4 Quarter End: February 26, 2011 Reporting Date: March 24, 2011


Record BlackBerry® smartphone shipments of 14.2 million grew 40% over the same quarter last year

Revenue grew 40% over the same quarter last year to $5.5 billion Q3 Earnings per share of $1.74 were up 58% over the same quarter last year Cash increased by $446 million to $2.5 billion at the end of the quarter

The most important things us BB fans can take home is this …

“We are pleased to report another record quarter with strong growth in shipments of BlackBerry smartphones leading to record revenue, subscriber additions and earnings. RIM’s business continues to grow and diversify as BlackBerry adoption accelerates in markets around the world,” said Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “With strong results and momentum from our recent product introductions, as well as growing excitement from our partners and customers around upcoming smartphone, tablet, software and service offerings, we are setting the stage for continuing success”.

RIM announced today that its board of directors has appointed co-Chief Executive Officers Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis as co-chairmen of the board. John Richardson remains as lead independent director of RIM and will continue to facilitate the functioning of the board independently of management. The board believes these appointments, in conjunction with Mr. Richardson serving as lead independent director, represent an appropriate and effective leadership structure for RIM. RIM also announced today that Jim Estill has resigned his position as a director of RIM due to a business conflict. RIM thanks Mr. Estill for his 13 years of service on the board.

Mr. Estill – thank you for helping RIM remain strong and help keep our CEO’s on the direct path to success. I’m very curious what that business conflict is and why so sudden? RIM going into new waters in the future that is already in the works or is Mr. Estill looking to steer a competitive company??

As a Mac user that also loves the BlackBerry platform, I’m ashamed of all the Mac users that whine & complain across the boards about simplistic issues – most of which are features that already exists, or have minimal issues that have long been fixed or are pending resolutions by a 3rd party not enabling the feature (Full Desktop Manager sync with MS Outlook 2001 for Mac). It’s as if the majority of Mac users have NO technical knowledge or ability to simply use that huge Google search bar on the top right hand corner on the Safari desktop browser?! Most recently is the whining about full backups, device & application software upgrades, or WiFi Sync – all of which have been either there in the original Desktop Manager for Mac, with WiFi Sync a new feature all-together (which has worked flawlessly on my MacBook Aluminum Unibody). It’s gotten so prevalent that RIM’s own Inside BlackBerry Blog editors have taken noticed and their very own member Corey provided a solution. Note: this solution only works with updating your BB’s firmware to the latest approved firmware by your provider or a downgrade to the original shipping (or previously installed) firmware of your HH by the provider as well.

Also, while on the subject of Desktop Manager, the Windows version was updated and released today as well. Some key features include:

  • Synchronization – Improvements have been made for synchronizing your organizer data.
  • Microsoft® support – The 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 and Microsoft® Exchange 2010 are supported.
  • Pictures – You can select individual pictures to synchronize to your device.
  • Videos – You can synchronize videos to your device without converting the video file.
  • Wi-Fi music sync – You can stream your music while you download it to your device and you can download music over an SSL connection
  • The encryption of BlackBerry device backups may have left the backup files vulnerable to a brute force password attempt by a malicious user if the malicious user had access to the files. The updated version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software includes changes to the method used to generate the encryption key that encrypts the BlackBerry device backup file. The BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0.1 uses multiple iterations of the method to generate the encryption key, to help improve resistance against brute force attacks on the encrypted backup file.

So it looks like the future of the BlackBerry platform & family are VERY healthy and far from death like all the haters have declared. Now they have to look elsewhere to complain and pontificate their prognostication engines.


EDIT: BB6 & QNX will begin as 2 separate core platforms initially, yet may merge down the road – when is not a commitment but the goal has been officially communicated.

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