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BlackBerry 102: The BEST of BlackBerry Browser on BB5

December 18, 2010 1 comment

Many times at work & from friends complain how some html sites just don’t load on the BlackBerry Browser in OS 5.0 devices. Amongst heavy HTML sites is BBC News main page – not the mobile but the full HTML site, sans Flash, still is amongst the hardest to load on RIM’s best BB5 OS device browsers.

After 24hrs of digging several units and testing I found the following settings worked!

Here are the Settings in Browser you NEED to configure to get the most of the BlackBerry Browser in BB5:

  • Default Browser: Internet Browser
  • Default MDS Browser: BlackBerry Browser
  • Default WAP: Do More (or whatever your provider dictated in mandatory browser brandig.
  • Browser Push Enabled.
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Deny All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • other messages ….
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Allow wap push applications.
  • TCP/IP APN Settings enabled (although that may vary on your providers settings)
  • TLS Default: Proxy
  • Allow HTTPS Redirections = NO
  • WTLS: Allow Weak
  • Prompt for Server Trust: Yes

That’s all there is to getting the most of your classic browser on BB5 – BES or BIS Activated.

Night everyone.

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