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RIM – 2011 No More Excuses

December 26, 2010

RIM – 2011 No More Excuses

This year was a tough time for RIM and the BlackBerry platform, end users, and corporate CIO’s alike. Many users began going to the capacitive touch screen only/based smartphones from the likes of Apple and the Android consortium: Samsung, LG, etc – and now even Microsoft is having a few rounds with BlackBerry. In the corporate space infrastructure, security, and Exchange admins had to deal with end users bringing in iPad’s and iPhone’s to work and using OWA setup on their personal devices without any thought to corporate security.

These users should’ve been either reprimanded or scrutinized intensely beyond removing ActiveSync on OWA for Exchange deployments. Layoffs have already created a lean mean corporate environment when it comes to employee head count, and unfortunately consideration of docking corporate salaries for exposing unauthorized access/use of GAL and emails which if leaked could potentially cripple a company: during Auditing, corporate restructuring, negotiations, and even could leak details of an acquisition (for/against) worse than an insider trading on such details.

Yes I’m a little baised in this view, yet I’m not a fully employed or certified BES Administrator (I have a LOT to learn)! I’m a contractor who is VERY low on the totem pole of importance so to speak. This is NOT about protecting BES infrastructure solutions; this is more about the lack of corporate security and protecting corporate assets [remember your work email is NOT OWNED by you according to law in most of the western/eastern world]. This is also about the lack of security of said assets by the manufacturers and OS created by the competing brands. Yet I cannot blame end users for wanting improvements & speed in what their using daily.

Let’s face it – BlackBerry’s are very powerful & yet equally complex devices by OS. So many corporate users from Finance to Application Development, to even Technical Services whom are experts at their roles, are so overwhelmed at how the BlackBerry operates – even with the Torch 9800 & BB6 with its improvements to “dumb-it-down”. Desktop Manager 6 for PC, and 2.0 for Mac gets exceptional mention of improvements for ease of use – especially if you remember 3.x/4.x.

The competing devices even with more powerful single-core CPU’s are becoming VERY fast in navigation, loading media content that is locally and remotely stored (web, DNLA or ad-hoc device-2-device), and web browsing. RIM has made excellent strides at improving already incredible voice quality and battery life for use/standby, and even in sexy design of their devices. But its time for …

RIM – 2011 No More Excuses:

* 1Ghz single/dual-core cpu’s that are Cortex A8/A9 based. Multiple -threaded tasks are taking a tole on single-core 647Mhz cpu’s! Install an application, you’ve seen the spinning clock and your not alone here (every OS does this) but I cannot do anything else until its done.

* 1GB of RAM should be a standard, everyone that used a BB for longer than 4mths knows that more RAM means better performance for Java based OS.

* OpenGL ES 2.0 support standard across the entire platform revamp! It’s not just games that can take advantage of OpenGL and not ALL games need to be in portrait orientation and have a 960×480 pixel type resolution.

* QNX OS for BlackBerry Handhelds – we’re anxiously waiting. BB6, although I LOVE it … needs to be the very LAST java based OS at the core for your BlackBerry lineup. Keep AutoText, BBM, and the incredible email functionality [please allow full IMAP folder redirection, on longer rely on email provider plug-ins]. We want the ability to install applications and still navigate Webkit Browser, check/flag/file emails, view/share media, etc.

* Voice Control. RIM where has the research in this department been?! Readers may recall that I’ve blogged about Nuance Communications, Inc. Here, and Here. RIM, if you thought the BEST company for Text Entry & Prediction was not good enough to license software from to be the core of your smart-phones (AutoText rules) then why have you continually relied on their poor, basic, and seriously lacking Voice Control software? Is this a limitation of Java for being able to use anything more powerful and if so all the more reason to focus efforts on QNX if it can deal with more powerful solutions & augmentation.

In this day & age there should be NO REASON to train a voice recognition system for basic commands: Play/Stop/Next/Previous – track/song/Playlist, Time/Date, Call person/conference another at whichever number listed, or manual dial a number. (even add a twist: “Call Brazil at 34 2534 252 3333; well the international number, local Brazil number, you get the idea even if the number in my example is not even remotely valid). Sure I understand the complexities of coding such an algorhythm to hand such instructions; not to mention variance/variables to handle accented voice ranges for EACH language spoken. Fact of the matter is Apple was able to do this with a 3GS running on a 600-800Mhz range Cortex A8 cpu by Samsung, and Android devices are fairing equally if not better as well.

These, and quite possibly the incredibly powerful menu structure – which unfortunately is overwhelming to many novice users – is what makes the BlackBerry seem well, “dated”, “archaic”, and “aging technology”. Odd how all these dumb-founded “intelligent” financial tech stock analysts uses these phrases to down RIM and the BlackBerry which served their jobs and pocket books we robustly and well over the past decade. Well because RIM is not an American company, it doesn’t create hype to rise the stock – to fatten their wallets, no doubt – and RIM doesn’t make apologies in that End Users NEED some sort of orientation or training to use the full power of the BlackBerry beyond just having calls and sending/receiving emails. What I find even more annoying by these so called professionals in the technological space begging for RIM’s demise, is that when it comes to OLD, or DATED technology they use these terms like “monkey see monkey do” ad verbatim. The don’t realize that Darwin or even UNIX at its core kernel for OSX and thus also iOS used by Apple is over 30 years old! They don’t realize that when the Personal Computer launched, even the MacIntosh came with a manual – heck it was advertised in Time Magazine with an unprecedented 12 page ad teaching potential users what it CAN do and HOW it can do it. So much technical jargon was used and phrases or synonyms to dumb it down where used so that the average consumer to nod their heads in some vague understanding. Smartphones are no different in complexity as a whole to the average consumer.

So in 2011 RIM I say No More Excuses … give the mob, sorry, the masses what they want – the diehard faithful we are also want these two yet without compromises and done eloquently. No More excuses for analysts, developers, and consumers to have a reason to leave RIM BlackBerry smart phones, or to say “RIM is dead”. No more excuses, just bring it to them! Proper!

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