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The PlayBook – The Tough Q’s!?!

January 13, 2011

The PlayBook – in the eyes of the CES2011 – may have lost mass praise from end users and the votes (who the hell votes “BEST of CES” anyway); but its made some GREAT information known.

Just enough to whet the palate.

One of my favorite pro blogs – Blackberrycool – did a great 1-on-1 feature video interview of Ryan Bidan, Product Manager of RIM BlackBerry PlayBook. Unfortunately the interview seemed a bit scripted in what was “allowed” and what was not.

Some of the questions I’d ask and dying to know are:

What BlackBerry’s are supported for BT tethering?

Does APN (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G devices) settings required? (most providers do NOT ship retail/business sales units pre-configured this way; Rogers doesn’t Telus does)

Will tethering be routed through the NOC or entirely through provider APN? A

Will press release information pre-warn/pre-inform end users of the bottleneck of using Bluetooth 2.1 rates (3MB/sec max for 2.1+EDR)?!

Which Bluetooth stack is supported in each device? (2.0/2.1/2.1+EDR)

Will support for Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse/pointers and BB Music Gateway be supported?!

Can we use the usb port to tether directly to our BB’s – and will RIM sell MicroUSB to MicroUSB?

Why hasn’t anyone asked these yet? Hmmm.


On a side note … no matter what big specifications Android devices are carrying – for a BB user like myself to jump to one is difficult to say the least. I switched, yes again this time to another platform and I FRAK’N HATE IT!! Android is so convoluted especially for a Mac user!! I want LOCAL sync because its something I can ALWAYS trust and rely on – plus I OWN MY DATA – not sold to anyone!

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