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BlackBerry, Don’t Be Cruel

January 14, 2011
Bold 9000 in Waterloo

John Mayer's Bold 9000 Leak

BlackBerry, Don’t Be Cruel.

I know on twitter that I said RIM was late to release ground breaking devices and I was leaving. Well talk about getting a new girlfriend and regretting it.

These are the reasons why I periodically leave the BB platform – and I suspect others will leave (temporarily), only to return again:

  • Faster CPU – We need faster performance in processing raw information on screen and uploading through the NOC, Internet, and provider APN.
  • Larger screen size & resolution – most of RIM’s BB user demographics worldwide read a LOT and using glasses on an amazing yet comparatively small screen puts a lot of strain.
  • Following the Fad – it’s a monkey-see, monkey-doo, apes-always-tell-them-too factor.
  • Applications – some quality applications offer more range & choices of what one can do.
  • Accessories – Not just a LOT more but also equal quality in the range.

Providers are pushing the latest and greatest, and the first week of using such a device, many users show them off (I know I do) and yet their not sure how to really use them. Others see the new units and specifically the screen size and brightness and immediately want to switch. Unfortunately, when using multiple functions in day-to-day use this is where the other platforms begin to falter in core functions. This is when the traditional BB user begins to realize what has kept them so organized, prepared, able to hold long conversations, and doing the most key and important function of a mobile phone is simply to “communicate” (calls, text, pictures, socialize, and navigation to meet others) – and they miss their BB. Like that incredible wife, that incredible long lost sweetheart, that lover that always made your day.

Some of the reasons for leaving that I left above are most likely answered with the PlayBook for MANY of us. It has everything listed and yet still having the ability to allow rapid and almost invisible portability: carry the PlayBook or just go with your BlackBerry.

PlayBook Features

Many other platforms are offering features that we’ve yet to see offered by Developers for the BlackBerry Platform – yet not due to lack of enginuity but quite possibly due to the lack of platform capabilities. Rest assured RIM & family our going full out to deliver with QNX – don’t believe the hype that its not capable by analysts that claim their non-existent source told them so with nothing to back it up.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow of why I keep coming back!

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