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BlackBerry, It’s My Prerogative!

January 15, 2011

BlackBerry, It’s My Prerogative!

My Prerogative

The most effective tool for mobile communications, the best at keeping organized, and the most efficient smartphone at doing both VERY well. That’s right: BlackBerry.

Many of today’s current smartphone platforms that appeal to the masses in the USA haven’t been around since the PDA days. A PDA is a personal device with no cellular or internet connectivity and was used for applications but primarily for PIM. Due to this today’s new-fad platforms suffer in core PIM functionality – using a nice candy shell to hide huge (and KEY) weakness that most BlackBerry users cannot excuse or live without.

Another key point about BlackBerry is the incredible timely firmware updates and support for the product range. NOT ENOUGH credit goes to their engineering coding team on finding bugs and fixing them, sometimes giving us updates with new features or enhancing current ones – more than expected. Due to these updates, many a BlackBerry fan has been “addicted” and demands updates every week. As the saying goes “give a cookie monster a cookie and he’ll demand milk”.

Has RIM released a product so horrible or a core function so badly implemented that it’s users (in just 1 country alone) and the press had to complain so loudly that a press release and interview for the press had to be done to defend itself?! Hmm I think not.

9700 Theme

So here are the reasons why a die-hard BlackBerry user will return to the platform after tasting forbidden fruit of other platforms realizing its just rotten fruit:

  • Battery Life – uncontested (both by users & the industry)! If you cannot use your shit you loose your shit!
  • Calls – Call quality is almost completely unmatched. Call history pure contact/number is bliss.
  • HTML Email – HTML has been GREATLY impoved with Webkit-Engine; Bravo RIM!
  • Webkit Browser – Thank heaven’s for this. RIM has been the LAST to do this vs competition, but finally it’s here!
  • Design – RIM has made incredible improvements in elegant design, form and appeal of their products. My fingers are actually addicted to the keyboard of Bold 9700/9780. Muscle memory is a GOOD thing.
  • Infrastructure – for all the backlash of corporate/consumer security overseas NOTHING comes close to this implementation and grand scope of offering. THIS is the Research In Motion.
  • Multi-Platform SDK Support – Does the competition offer this natively, directly?!
  • Firmware Updates – I can ALWAYS rely on firmware updates and ability to upgrade/downgrade several versions on 90% of their products without fear of voiding warranty!!
  • Security – my content, my communications, my data is MINE; No back talking, no two-face business here. Nobody else’s without my explicit permission. Should information about anyone be sold by a company should you NOT be consoled for each instance and at least compensated?!
  • Super Apps – more than just a marketing term. The level of third party application integration using core API’s is incredibly seamless and growing stronger.
  • Social – not just apps like BBM, Twitter, etc. RIM is engaging users directly through these tools (not BBM) to help end users learn more & become more proficient of their devices: FREE, direct and community support!
  • Mac OS X Sync/backup support! THIS is my choice to use Mac OS X at home and for personal needs. I’m VERY happy that RIM allows me to KEEP my choice and not force me to upload my data to a cloud insecurely and distributed for $$.

For now I’m returning to the BlackBerry fold – my platform of choice for much more than the reasons above. I look forward to the future with my BlackBerry: PlayBook, QNX on handhelds (smartphones), and hopefully the day with Empathy concept when NFC is implemented beyond purchases. Stay tuned for my next post on this.

BlackBerry Empathy

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read this, please comment.

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