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BlackBerry PlayBook – Criticism in Babylon

April 19, 2011

When the King is no longer fashionable, when the King’s clothes is not the spectacle of the parade everybody wants to rain down on the King. And so it begins with Research In Motions’ PlayBook tablet.

The good is that all analysts agree the craftmanship is incredible and media playback is outstanding. The bad is everything else that doesn’t mimic the iPad.

Is all these complaints for REAL!? Really though?

1. It takes long to boot up.

– I don’t own one yet so I cannot directly enter into rebuttal. Yet doesn’t ALL tablets curently take a while to boot up from cold slumber?! Press and hold iOS devices to power down FULLY then press & let go to power them back on … lets see how long they take to boot up to be used?! Go ‘ahead I’ll wait!

2. Email … RIM forget to add an email client what a major *&$# up!

– Um. Easily understandable this sentiment is. This is a media “Tablet” in the tradition sense and targeted to BlackBerry users NOT the I-am in crowed. Your BlackBerry already gets the emails ~ why have a duplicate to have those same emails available? Some may say well my corporate BES activated BB doesn’t allow personal emails (BIS or web-based accounts) to get emails while activated on BES. Well then you have a Web-browser. I actually watched a 15mins preview on BNN.ca where some obviously jock-sucking-kool-aid happy dork said it was a cop-out. DUDE Gmail/Yahoo/AOL/Microsoft started their web-based email via the PC BROWSER! Get with it … the majority of people STILL use their to read web-based emails … wider screen, attachments and safe from virii. Talk about looking for an excuse not to like a non-favored product.

3. Applications are lacking.

– Common, we all now Apple owns this space. RIM has worked from hell to high-water trying to entice developers to code for the PlayBook. They’ve done a fantastic job for a product that went from the drawing board to final production in less than 12 months … yes acquiring QNX to production in 12 months including the OS build!! The SDK is NOT EASY to code with but RIM is improving on that they understand just how important it is.

I’m curious just how many apps are available at launch for the PlayBook vs Android tablets whom have reportedly just at 67 apps in Googles Tablet feature app store. (source was engadget’s review of the LG G-Slate going to T-Mobile USA).

The excuses analyst are coming up with to vilify RIM an d the PlayBook are ridiculous since their not given their opinions based on the merit of the device and what it was intended and marketed to do from day one. Their expecting an iPad, well good news bub its NOT.

  1. April 24, 2011 at 4:41 AM

    I don’t actually recall any prelaunch promotion and there was no true hype with the launch event. I feel Bb realized the Play Book won’t get the response the Ipad did and there would not be people queuing to buy one. I can’t help but wonder that with this kind of low key event did the guys at Rim understand the Play Book wasn’t quite up to the standard we expect .


  1. April 19, 2011 at 11:22 PM
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