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PlayBook – Enterprise Trial

April 26, 2011

PlayBook – Enterprise Trial

RIM BB PlayBook - Dimensions

Well I’ve had my personally owned PlayBook for about 4 days now. Watching side loaded movies and viewing pictures and reading eBooks (pdf or downloaded through Kobo) is very enjoyable. The speakers are incredible … theirs actually a dual pair on each side so a surrounding effect is hinted at.

RIM Torch PlayBook on BES

Now to the bread and butter. RIM you’re missing your target audience here, and here is a list of applications we’re going to need. A list that is not exclusive to administrators, those in high level of infrastructure, but also to consumers as well.

RIM BB PlayBook - Tethering

  1. RDP … I NEED to be able to RDP over VPN (Cisco Easy IOS) to servers or workstations; this is your main priority above a stupid local email client.
  2. SharePoint file access and manipulation – usually hosted via intranet portals. I’m sure those on Symphony or other Lotus Domino hosted intranet sites will require similar access and manipulation.
  3. BES5 Administration. Although I can access the BES5 hosted WebDesktop URL over VPN I cannot logon and administer BES5 accounts; over IE 7/8/9 I need to add as a trusted site so this maybe something with the environment I’m particularly in.
  4. SSH Client … many will require this as well ~ don’t skim on the power please!
  5. Memory Management – specifically RAM for running the OS and UI … with the current 1710 build I’m consistently running at over 550MB of RAM used without anyone launched or WLAN connected. QNX is supposed to have delt with this without breaking a flush. Mr. Dodge … please refine this.

That just skims the top of what we’ll require in an Enterprise Grade Tablet. Maybe that is part of the loop-hole here … its a Grade, not an Enterprise Ready Tablet?! Sorry RIM I hate to say that and I know you’re looking into this at least internally but please get this started.

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