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RIM: Production Consideration

May 25, 2011 Comments off

Over at a forum I frequent I had a small yet powerful thought for RIM.

Here is an exciting idea: Considering Qualcomm is the lead cpu designer/manufacturer for WP7 devices in the next generation, why not have them or NVidia Tegra used by competing EOM’s (from China/Thailand/Japan/Korea and to a lesser extent; ZTE & HTC) build the hardware completely! Partner on design of the hardware by each team and see what comes?!

Seriously … have RIM design the hardware specs and allow some input by the OEMs before building – come to a consensus and begin production (their economies of scale will far benefit RIM in the short & LONG term). This can be done while holding specific/broad scope legal ties preventing the OEMS from leaking, building, sharing design specs/hues with RIM’s competitors – have ONLY RIM staff with laptops to load the OS on devices for which become test beds in THEIR hands and coffers with feedback to the OEMs to refine performance.


RIM – Voice Recognition, Dialling, Control & Command – Improvements Desperately Required!

May 1, 2011 3 comments

I cannot take this anymore!! I can’t!!

You’d think that with 93% of the market for text input, and voice input/output controlled by Nuance Communications Inc – since they bought out Zi Corporation (a Canadian co., btw) that RIM would have better Voice Dialing?!

Nuance Communications - Speak your Mind, Command Your World

Before ANY new device should debut, before RIM try to tackle the mindless mob that is the press and users defected to other platforms due to “RIM’s aging handset OS” … RIM should try to license or make its own Voice Dialing, Voice Command a HELL of a LOT better?! NO??! NOW!!! Please!!

RIM hasn’t made a stereo headset with Play/FWD/RWD/Volume/FFWD/FRWD controls in almost 2 years – yet they try to market their handsets, even made one with these controls [BlackBerry 8250] on the top of the unit, yet voice controlling music is lame. Even voice dailing contacts is lame. Seriously LAME!

BB 8250 Music Controls

I’ve blogged about this before …

December 2010

* Voice Control. RIM where has the research in this department been?! Readers may recall that I’ve blogged about Nuance Communications, Inc. Here, and Here. RIM, if you thought the BEST company for Text Entry & Prediction was not good enough to license software from to be the core of your smart-phones (AutoText rules) then why have you continually relied on their poor, basic, and seriously lacking Voice Control software? Is this a limitation of Java for being able to use anything more powerful and if so all the more reason to focus efforts on QNX if it can deal with more powerful solutions & augmentation.

March 7, 2009

Data Entry The Web Made by Hand – Nokia, Nuance, and Zi

Few amoung us think about the data entry technology implemented inside our devices. Text Data entry in the industry is controlled & pioneered by 2 main entry’s; Nuance Inc & Zi Corporation. Previously,  Zi Corporation controlled roughly 30% of the growing market for predictive-text software. Previously, Nuance Communications controled 50% of the market. Now, combined under Nuance, it controls a total of 85-90% of market, meaning it will provide software implementations to most of the 1.3 Billion phones sold around the globe each year.

RIM has chosen to use VoiceSignal [Nuance acquired in 2007] as the voice command system implementation software in the BlackBerry platform [VSuite 2.1]. This was very rudimentary and weak in its features. Commands such as ‘Dial, Home’, ‘Check Battery’, ‘Check Coverage’, are basic but tax the cpu intensively. Similar commands have already been a stablemate of commands in S60 since 2nd Edition FP2 devices. RIM has decided not to push advancement in this area, while Nokia is stepping up its game.


Nuance Communications, Inc. Unveils NVC 2.0 for Mass Market Mobile Devices!
Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 08:00am EST
Nuance Communications, Inc. announced the availability of Nuance Voice Control (NVC) 2.0, a customizable modular framework that allows operators and handset OEMs to speech enable any feature, application, or network service on any mobile device they bring to market, including feature phones.

Burlington, MA-based Nuance Communications (NASDAQ:NUAN), after a series of unsuccessful offers begun last summer, has finally convinced the board of the Canadian firm Zi (NASDAQ:ZICA) to accept Nuance’s $35 million buyout offer. This is 5-million less than what Nuance offerd in August 2008.

Zi’s solutions for mobile search and text input complement Nuance’s portfolio of intuitive touch and speech interfaces that simplify and enhance the way people interact with mobile devices, applications, and services. Together, Nuance and Zi are positioned to better address the need for text input technology for customers and partners worldwide, especially in Asia-Pacific.

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