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RIM: Production Consideration

May 25, 2011

Over at a forum I frequent I had a small yet powerful thought for RIM.

Here is an exciting idea: Considering Qualcomm is the lead cpu designer/manufacturer for WP7 devices in the next generation, why not have them or NVidia Tegra used by competing EOM’s (from China/Thailand/Japan/Korea and to a lesser extent; ZTE & HTC) build the hardware completely! Partner on design of the hardware by each team and see what comes?!

Seriously … have RIM design the hardware specs and allow some input by the OEMs before building – come to a consensus and begin production (their economies of scale will far benefit RIM in the short & LONG term). This can be done while holding specific/broad scope legal ties preventing the OEMS from leaking, building, sharing design specs/hues with RIM’s competitors – have ONLY RIM staff with laptops to load the OS on devices for which become test beds in THEIR hands and coffers with feedback to the OEMs to refine performance.

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