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9 Reasons why Google will NOT buy Research In Motion

July 9, 2011

This article is a rebuttal to the pathetic, yes pathetic, belief that mobile site crackberry thinks Google will by RIM. Their arguments are VERY WEAK at best.

QNX … is the reason or better yet a BET for RIM’s future survival; that’s IT! I may be incorrect that RIM licensed this or bought out QNX Inc. yet I do know its licensed and it has a VERY unique set of patents that ANY company would want yet with no specific expertise to use it or implement and also non to support existing contracts. QNX is for RIM not for Linux/Android/Java.

Canada … Google has an office there as to do business plain and simple. source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/tech-news/googles-big-bet-on-canada/article2027429/

In particular, Chrome, the project that started out as a Google-built browser but has since expanded to a browser-based operating system, has become almost entirely driven by the engineers in Kitchener-Waterloo. And as Google moves to sell its own Chrome-powered laptops, the software and the engineers building it have become more of a corporate priority.

Java: Java is at the heart of Android, but its also at the heart of a LOT of mobile OS or other business. You don’t see CISCO looking to buy RIM – although they heavily use Java and now use Android for their corporate-focused Tablet for Video Conferencing.

Mobile Patents: This is the ONLY credible reason why Google would purchase RIM; especially since Google and their consortium constituents lost out to Apple & company (which includes RIM) with respect to those incredible delectable Nortel patents (a former Canadian great corporation).

T.A.T. – The Astonishing Tribe; experts at UI design and interface. They’ve been around since S60’s heyday with Nokia doing design concepts. Nokia originally had interest to purchase this renowned company and decided against it. This is NOT a reason to purchase a company for. Case in point … Apple considered purchasing BE Inc … for their UI design of BE OS … (this was before Jobs’ return to Apple) and it was a GOOD thing they didn’t. Be outsources their expertise to many company’s before RIM purchased them. RIM heavily NEEDED TAT, not Google or any other major OS supporter.

Enterprise: Guys … you SERIOUSLY need to do research! Good Technology, MobileIron, Motorola, Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync, and even Lotus Domino via ActiveSync can provide minimal corporate management of Android assets. IBM has HUGE expertise at multiple mobile and OS support: iOS, Mac OSX, Linux RedHat, etc. Rove Mobile even supports Android.

Carrier Relationships: Google most likely has STRONGER carrier relationships than RIM. The worlds strongest wireless providers has at least 3 Android phones by manufacturers being offered. Google doesn’t require carrier relationships and should remain agnostic to them … let Samsung, Nokia, LG, etc deal with providers – they do it best and have been for over 20years now … longer than RIM has. They also have economies of scale when it comes to production, shipments, and deliver even with mid-cycle price fluctuations.

Proof of concept complete / commitment to Android: This is NOT a commitment, its a half-hazard way to attract developers that otherwise en masse ignored the PlayBook – web or native code. Get real already!

Reduce Fragmentation: Are you SERIOUS?! RIM has just as equal fragmentation supporting OS 4/5/6 and soon OS7 … BEFORE QNX based smartphones arrive on the market. Not to mention different resolutions, different size and slightly differing API’s being supported on top-tier devices vs others. email, pin, web are the ONLY things that is exactly the same for EACH BB device: Keyboard as well – except Pearl & Storm series. Sounds pretty fragmented to me.

Eric Schmidt … showing a picture that dates back almost 2 years ago of Eric taking a photo with a BB. Have we seen MORE of this?! Lame.

  1. July 27, 2011 at 6:32 AM

    Thank you for this nice post and wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff your upcoming blog posts…


    • Donny
      July 30, 2011 at 8:21 PM

      THank you. I hope my future posts can live up to your expectations.


  2. TW Burger
    March 12, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    1. Google has Android OS and Chrome OS so QNX is of limited appeal.

    2. Canada is a socialist monarchy the USA has gone to war with twice (1775 and 1812) and anything developed in Waterloo and not Redmond or Cupertino is crap. USA!!!, USA!!!

    3. Java sucks. Just kidding – don’t hurt me!

    4. Google just bought Motorola. They have enough mobile patents.

    5. TAT’s overrated. Google has great design teams.

    6. True, security is lacking in Android but Google is working on it and QNX is not reuired to win the enterprise market. Look at Windows.

    7. Google will not be ignored by any carrier anywhere even without the BlackBerry name.

    8. I think this point proves RIM needs Google more than the reverse.

    9. Reduce fragmentation? Buying RIM and placing resources into it will fragment Google.

    10. Pengelaman [sic]? Pengalaman, Malay for experience, end to end is not required – Pemaju pengalaman memberitahu saya (Developer experience tells me) that you get specialists to build the HW – the money is in the control of the infrastructure.

    11. Google CEO, Eric Schmidt is a BlackBerry addict. Can’t argue that one. With his money he could buy Paris for a week just to avoid any lines at bistros.


  3. TW Burger
    March 12, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    … incredible delectable Nortel patents…

    Sold to Apple, Microsoft and other technology giants for $4.5 billion in cash.

    I think they paid too much.


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