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Bold 9900 – Return of the King

August 6, 2011

Bold 9900 – That’s right you’ve all heard about it by now and have been salivating for it forever it would seem.
To the business user – and to large men in the corporate office with huge hands (Bolder Crushers I call them) – this is the device 2yrs late in the game. Analysts have spoken today by lowering sales expectations; prepare to have your *** handed to you. RIM needs to execute on this iconic design, but moreso on the Messaging front – how 1 user can field Emails/SMS/MMS/Twitter/RSS from one application FAST and reliably. How I can post a message to Twitter from scratch, another application, or the browser WITHOUT having to sign in each time. iOS5 Beta 4 is trying to do this but it doesn’t work – not at all. Also how another user can CHOOSE to have Emails in Messages, SMS/MMS in another app, and get to Twitter/FaceBook/MySpace (if its still around) from a single app or individually.

Bold 9900 Views

RIM NEEDS to Focus on the following:


The ability that anyone can have the same device yet use the core applications, and super-apps to their individual style that best suits THEM! And how support can manage this seamlessly! How themes, once Nokia’s bread-and-butter super implementation is now King on RIM BB devices (BES doesn’t restrict this – or I haven’t seen this restricted EVEN in financial institutions). Also how device users can CHOOSE between more than 1 device yet get most of the same features – how this new wave of devices does NOT diminish the experience garnered at various price points.


RIM tried to push how efficient their radio stack is at saving bandwidth. Many across the blogoshpere and abroad LAUGHED at Lazaridis stating this is why providers love BBs – how 3 BB’s can use the same amount of data as 1 iPhone 4 device (or 3GS). You look at the providers in North America now and their ALL (except Sprint) is talking aggressively or already applying bandwidth throttling (2GB T-Mobile USA) or data caps and no longer offering TRUE Unlimited Data Plans. RIM went about this ALL wrong – an article (lost on me atm) I read yesterday stated this perfectly. RIM’s co-CEO’s are TOOO technical with explanations in selling the BB. They need to dumb it down. RIM needs to SHOW existing users, potential users, and why users are RETURNING to BB (I will get the 9900) … by simply showing the TOP-TIER applications [Email, Twitter, POYNT, online-Games, etc etc] are capable of delivering the SAME information/content efficiently and how much LOWER on the $$ to the end users. Think … “Get your hand out my pocket“! RIM needs to highlight publicly their developers – BIG and SMALL (more emphasis on the small guy/gal developers). It is NOT easy to code for BB’s, never has been – but you noticed Apple developers are making a fortune – not just because of co-advertising by Apple but also because they PUBLICLY thank ALL the ones that are successful and others that haven’t been for taking a crack at it. They do NOT delay on paying them either!! Viral video’s of cheque delivery’s … personally done by Lazaridis and Balsillie … imagine how that would make a 16yr old developers month to receive a $2K cheque by either of them?! :O I handshake and small interview of THEM not the CEO?! THIS is how you spend corporate $$ and body guards. RIM needs to show just how fast it is to get into a CALL, Email, Send, Lookup Contact information (locally and the Cloud), etc.


RIM needs to show off how much $$ they can save CIO’s/CEO’s large funds by only paying for the corporate owned line – and hardware costs (new, upgrade, damaged non-warranty replaceable) this can save them when well paid employees pay out of their OWN pocket … many cheap bastards will LEARN to spend wisely and not take advantage of the corporate $$ flow. How powerful the BB still is. This is not just simply an advertisement of Brand Name Recognition but Brand Renewal – remind them RIM is in it for the long haul cards-down/up. Show off BB Balance.


RIM needs to show messaging/communication capabilities, Show how NFC can smooth purchases faster, easier, and boost communications!! RIM needs to use their strengths on BBM (for ALL demographics not just age/sex restricted), Calls (international dialing), and battery life (heck still look at emails/contacts even if too low to make a call directly) works well for them. A simple “we’ve engineered the BB to be powered for all your needs, when you need it the most to serve you. When you have a Scrooge minding the battery, you don’t have to and it saves you money and more time away from the plug to do what you love to do”!

Torch 9850 & 9860:

RIM is already concious of how poorly sales and the image of the Storm did to them. This release was delayed and for GOOD reason. Now RIM needs to show off media playback (make those touch buttons SMALLER and still accurate), Speaker quality, Camera quality, maybe innovative accessories that WORK for the consumer not just RIMs pocket – Full remote-control Premium Stereo Headphones RIM do you hear me?!! Proper Voice Dialing! Universal Search benefits.

Advertising a new angle.

I think if RIM can deliver these points elegantly, fun, and hard hitting without being technically GEEKY they may sell a LOT more than what we all expect. 4 guys/girls at a Starbucks table … “Hey check this out, have you seen this?”. “Nah nah you gotta see this! You gotta have this, its in the store”. “whatevs’ you don’t have anything that can top what I have”. … Then a new comer “Those are cool”, “ring – Yo baby I’m just going to pick something up I’ll be heading your way … put on that thing I like” … dude receives a picture on BBM of girls feet in kicks … or a young kid putting on a Mad-Hatters Hat that almost bury’s his head. Ok that was bad but something that plays on words (intelligent) yet ends up completely funny – shows off the BB in use by a user and not being shown OFF by a douchbag to other douchbags.

Bold 9900. FINALLY … RIM PLEASE put headphones 3.5MM jacks on the TOP or BOTTOM of the smartphones, PLEASE!!

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