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Bold 9900 – QNX Hold outs?

August 14, 2011

Some thoughts about the early reviews of the Bold 9900.

“The 9900 is the next BlackBerry, but how long will this unit be relevant? My fears are that many developers simply won’t develop for the OS7 platform when RIM’s new QNX platform is on the horizon. As a Developer would you code your app for OS7 when QNX is approximately 6 months to 1-year out? With the Rumored QNX Colt coming first quarter of 2012 we’re not that far off.”

I believe that developers WILL code/re-code their applications for the BB7. The reasoning is this is the TRUE Bold … there are no gaurantees that the BB Colt rumoured, yes rumoured, for Q1 2012 will NOT be in this form-factor. Should you think about the QNX-based PlayBook, and add Mr. Lazaridis’ comments that “If you look at half the PlayBook, that is QNX for the smartphone platform”, you’ll see that this form-factor will NOT be the first implementation for QNX based BlackBerry. In my mind the TrackPad would fade away with hot-capacitive edges with the touch screen becoming the main roll – only the Call/End buttons would remain – to weigh the importance of assurance that THESE are paramount to avoid software issues.

Battery Life:

The Bold 9900 has a 1230mAh battery, a whole 270mAh less than what the 9780/9700/9000 all share. Those of you that stocked on spare battery’s for these models and are dead-set on upgrading to the 9900 must be feeling a bit of neglect from RIM. All manufacturers do this so don’t feel left out. To my recollection ONLY Nokia’s E71/E72/E6/N97 all share the same battery and no other manufacturer has done this beyond 2 models.

If battery life is a concern – and will be for those getting massive emails (200-300/day in business hours) in the office over WLAN to avoid carrier charges – you’ll need to turn off Bluetooth and NFC.


I’m not sure that Visa in Canada fully supports this yet, MasterCard is the leader in NFC or tap-paying in North America and Western Europe. I still hope that RIM will make a HUGE leap forward working with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, TTC and other Canadian/USA/European Transit commissions, Esso Ltd, Texaco, Airports and airlines like Air Canada, American Airlines, WestJet, etc etc to push for wallet-less and credit based marketplace. RIM should be pushing for this kind of implementation, this not only can increase sales in both the consumer and business market but also their brand.

First we’ll see business cards featuring NFC … small, and 1 person business will only need to purchase a small handful of business cards and usually keep 1 on hand just for that simple “tap” for business contact information to be transferred on Bold 9900, Nokia C7, and Nexus S.

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