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The BlackBerry Riot – REALLY!?!

August 14, 2011

OK … basic post here, more on the level of a rant.

What a JOKE!

YES – 37% of teenagers in Britain use the BlackBerry smartphone platform! Did anyone think to research recent quarterly results to show of those is mostly FEMALE tweens using the BlackBerry platform 16-25yrs of age whereas men in the same range predominantly use the iPhone or Android?

Where does the British goverment get off on thinking its BlackBerry is the root cause? That everyone on CCT is a teenager? Heck I’m over 30yrs old and I’ll bet ANYONE in public if they saw me in jeans and a hoody (with a cap), or even in dress close would think I’M a TEEN; and I’m a father of 2 of them.

SMS/MMS is the largest form of communication worldwide of any text based communication on a mobile device; last time I checked its not limited to BlackBerry’s. Yes the tarrifs on the price plans in Europe charge for SMS  … however there are data plans and AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ are still quite common in Europe – ANY platform can use those … and since both Android and iOS have a larger marketshare in that region would it not be prudent to look at those?

What about web-based email being used as communication. Yes its  tragedy of what is going on there – yet I’m unsure whom at RIM made the decision to aid ~ without looking at the legal ramifications of what that Government is getting themselves into (not to mention RIM’s carrier partners) before doing so.

Criminals should not be protected from their actions – yet THEY DO have rights! Its what separates a modern society, an elected government from the common mob. From the looks of it, it would seem quite a lot of citizens in those hoods affected are at fault.

In the end its all citizens who’ll be paying for this madness: the all mighty TAX!


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