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RIM BlackBerry App World 3.0 Coming – Too Soon?!

August 18, 2011

Do we all really NEED an App World upgrade? Seriously …

The current App World works:

on All BlackBerry OS versions and device models,

On the PlayBook,

Supports carrier billing where offered across RIM’s entire product range,

Allows for Add supported apps,

Allows for application download history in the mobile sense – a first for ANY platform.

No restrictions on migrating your app on the current device you own and are currently running.

So tell me WHY we as blackberry device users really NEED another upgrade in the App World? Seriously we now have BB7 deployed on 3 devices soon to ALL be available on 225 carriers YET we cannot redownload current apps, even some great FREE apps, to an incredible BB7 upgraded hardware! It’s a bit annoying that we’re going to go through a complex change on a component platform upgrade to find out so many applications do NOT work.

This is a BlackBerry, used by corporate users and many in the financial institutional market place YET Bloomberg, Reuters Pro, and a few other “staple” applications that are critical to this platform just have not been upgraded yet. Its as if almost the mighty faithful developers have completely abandoned the BlackBerry  – or – RIM deployed BB7 just too quickly for developers to have time to run simulators to test on.

RIM this is part of your issues that I HOPE you learn from in hindsight. You’re selling a platform on the decline on the consumer market and even slightly in the corporate space. The Bold 9900 IS a WINNER for you but you’re going to BLOW IT by NOT working with developers to quickly update their apps for this take away winner. I myself have both the iPhone 4 and the Bold 9900 currently and although its killing me to consider getting rid of the 9900 (I know my employer will have one ready for me soon enough) I’m not as over-joyed as I could be and want to be. All because this unit appeals to the existing target audience, its imparative that applications are updated to have them feel their patronage is rewarded.

Currently the Bold 9900 is like the BEST present a kid was hoping for under the Christmas tree, yet your parents could not remember to include the batteries, thus you’re stuck to manually enjoy its basics: no special features included. Common RIM we need our apps to work. I cannot BELIEVE after 2yrs of watching Apple and now even Android do so well with application support with each OS upgrade its about time RIM learned this valuable lesson; maybe they would by NOT firing 2000 hard working individuals. Redundancy is the opportunity to retune & restructure for strength and deployment.

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