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BB7 Apps I need for BB Bliss

August 20, 2011

I cannot recall where I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a bit miffed, along with many a BB user. This is NOT just a personal opinion of mine, nor many in the consumer ecosystem for BlackBerry users upgrading to BB7 devices but also from a support solution which will occur for corporations having IT reps upgrading as well.

BB - Bold 9900 RIM

^ a seriously incredible piece of kit: Professional prowess, refined and fast UI, esthetic hardware design – something Apple would be proud of, and forward thinking in terms of technological implimentation: NFC.

Unfortunately in order for me, other consumers, and especially business users that rely on their BlackBerry device there are a horde of critical applications that MUST be ready & updated to support BB7 devices. Here is my personal preference list:

RIM – apps created/supported by RIM themselves:

  • BlackBerry Protect (Common RIM this should’ve been updated along with FaceBook, BBM, and Mobile Conferencing!!)
  • Blackberry Traffic
  • BlackBerry Travel* (updated this past week)
  • BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing*
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Activation* (this is the BESX application, its been recently updated for BB7 devices, has BESX yet?!)


Consumer – focused apps:

  • Advanced Call Manager*
  • AppLock (thank you!)
  • BeamExplorer File Manager
  • CallBlocker Pro
  • Daily Horoscope*
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • Endomondo Sports*
  • FourSquare
  • Flixter*
  • Kobo
  • myTasks (I love this app! So much that I directly emailed Greg begging for support, incentive to integrate BBM API for $)
  • Navita Translator* (thank heavens! incredible for my daily uses)
  • Poynt*
  • WeatherEye
  • WikiTude* (simply incredible – Like Poynt, an amazingly built, useful app that is worlds better on BB vs the competitions platforms)
  • WordPress*



  • Bloomberg Mobile / Bloomberg Professional
  • Thomson Reuters Pro
  • Blue (by CPCWireless)*
  • TD(Canada)* – (includes CanadaTrust/TD Waterhouse/Insurance/Branch Locator, just in time to switch with their offer)
  • mySun Life
  • Y!Finance


Corporate – focused applications (beside financial/RIM created apps above):

  • WebEx Meeting Center
  • Dragon for E-Mail (pretty sad since RIM has a close business relationship with Nuance Communications Inc)
  • Wifi File Transfer
  • UPS Mobile
  • Citrix Receiver (Consider HP’s PC business announcement = cloud boys & girls: this app will be critical to true road warriors)
  • CENTURY 21 Real Estate Mobile Search*
  • Book Keeper (Freshbooks.com compatible billable tracker).
  • ReportAway! * (another FreshBooks.com compatible billable tracker, powerful & expensive yet powerful: updated for BB7)
  • Mobility for SAP* (just recently updated)
  • Rove Mobile Admin Client* (No way a platinum partner would lack on this!)
  • LinkedIN
  • Salesforce Mobile


Notable mentions:

Billable Hours, My Time Tracker, TrackMyTime (PB only), and BizTrackIt (too expensive). 

Cisco WebEx



Citrix Receiver



Of all the applications I’ve mentioned above those with the asterisks (*) have been updated to support BB7 based devices. Thank you to all those development teams/developers that put in the extra hours, days, or weeks/months in preparation for bringing these to market. I’ve tried to understand java coding and without a CompSci background its not easy, so again THANK you for your hard work and dedication to this well loved platform!! This means to all you users out there … it doesn’t take much to show your gratitude, do without Starbucks coffee for 2 days & donate to the single 1-person developer out there for their hard work. I have countless times, even for themes.

I, personally find it inexcusable that RIM’s own dedicated applications are NOT all updated prior to BB7 devices launch, they know the best of anyone the exact date of the launch and the importance of having a platform ready with their 1-person applications. It’s possible that resources where slim and working on other projects, but again that’s internal planning and still no excuse. Most BB users require these applications and many more – its about time RIM fully invest in their ecosystem & the ppl that love and use it!

RIM’s own Co-CEO’s, CIO, and other top brass SHOULD be rolling out in the company limo to personally deliver a BB7 device (Bold 9900/Torch 9810/Torch 9850/9860) and a PlayBook (16GB) to those developers (Individual or small business team; emphasis on the Individual) that deliver a working BB7 application. It should not have to be the best voted either. This would enrich their development experience, create nirvana and entice existing/potential/lost BB users to this evolutionary step – involve big press as well (BNN, CNBC, CBS, BlackBerryCool, CrackBerry, etc). Nokia used to do this with S60 Symbian, and it was QUITE successful yet only loaned devices and this worked VERY well for them for almost 12yrs.

My Bold 9900 has been carefully waiting in the box for 2 main reasons – applications supporting BB7 listed above, and disputing charges on my carrier and heavily contemplating switching (alternative plans have halted carrier exodus at the moment).

Run your choice of BB7 applications and storm your stopping grounds with a refined BB experience.

  1. FabianR
    August 22, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    Totally agree… I’ll add another RIM app that is not working… “Ebay mobile app”

    I switched from a 9780 to a 9900, great new hw and os… But the missing apps are killing me 😦



    • Donny
      August 22, 2011 at 8:14 PM

      It’s possible to install BB6 or even BB5 apps using Desktop Manager and have them work on a reboot (battery pull). This is how I got “myTasks” app working without an update – to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

      Cheers – thank you for ready and commenting; much appreciated.


  1. August 23, 2011 at 8:16 AM
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