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BlackBerry – Evolution

November 27, 2011 Comments off

it’s been a long time friends. Have you been to RIM’s site lately ( !! If you haven’t I implore you to immediately go there.

“The best part of sharing is the response.” “Above and beyond what is said” “With BlackBerry 7 there are more ways to connect and collaborate …”

These are the themes that have always been at the core of what makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry – something the insane fans in Indonesia have proven is a must have holistic experience. Unfortunately 90 fans have been injured due to the insane 9790 international first launch there.

Some changes that have occurred in the past few months have now taken hold and you can see the company slowly regaining their hardened vision they once had:

A developer of BlackBerry at the helm of Developer Relations, taken charge and forcing change in more powerful and effective developer tools & resources!

Marketing, what I’ve impored you to investigate on their main site, is now refocused behind the USER as the key. Remember the original Tron and how important the user was?!! It seems that like the new Tron, Android has completely forgotten that the user is not a marketing vessel nor are we to be confused and ignored when it comes to powerful tools that should be executed simply.

Restructuring of BES and QNX to unify both the smartphone platform and tablet platform into Super devices with SuperApps and connected experiences. I honestly believe & know that RIM had THE first social device platform: BBM.

Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810.

And recently leaked BB OS7.1 with HotSpot Modem functionality!! FINALLY!! The PlayBook relying ONLY on Bluetooth had suffered asthma like use when tethered to the BB device – even corporate laptops where hurting over USB. We live in a wireless world, its about time our BlackBerry’s acted like it.

The Bold 9900 renewed my faith in RIM but I needed to advance my skills and move on to another platform, a platform that continues since its inception to unify the user experience in technology and arts in an effective and simplistic direction without falter = iOS.

RIM’s BlackBerry will always be in my heart but I need to see their applications become more powerful beyond interconnectivity – I don’t just want to be social, I want the BlackBerry to act as my full computing experience away from my Mac – without the need for a tablet.

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