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BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS – Keyboard

May 1, 2012

Very nice introduction RIM. I’m impressed about the keyboard technology … but something is missing. I believe the foundation of a new platform independent venture is at the cusp of fruition. 

[QUOTE=blueroom;14803654]I do like the predictive text keyboard. Would be nice on my iOS stuff.[/QUOTE]

YES! However I’d ilke to see something more powerful … something ALL platforms are lacking, yet hints of it in this demo from RIM’s BB 10 Dev Alpha OS.

– imaging typing and not only predictive text, nor even AutoText (iOS: Shortcuts in keyboard) presents auto word completion … but I’d like the previous think-tank research to come into this.
>> Think about typing and when you begin to type 3 words (works in longer sentences) … that the auto complete does this:
present the next word that most likely matches in a sentence,
then when selected presents the complete likely scenarios for a FULL sentence!
>> Make this language sensitive, for example those that speak in their native tongue typing a sentence has different structure thus basic google translation doesn’t quite work, but suggestive sentencing actually works more like human sentencing. IF THIS can be done … then this is the NEXT big $$.

^ My patent!

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