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RIM CEO: A Message for First BB10 Device

May 2, 2012

Hi Mr. Thorsten, 

Thus far you’ve gained a few raised eyebrows – not just for BlackBerry device fans, but also for those of us that hope RIM continues to thrive (Canadian patronage) and from those of us that have left for more modern OS’; myself included. 

I propose the following hardware specifications in light of yesterdays’ BB10 Alpha Device: 

Radio Stack: HSPA+ & LTE = Quadband & Tri-band respectively; nothing less. Also better quality phone call audio codecs – we want crystal clear sound for audio/video calls; nothing less!

hardware design: You mentioned you want to show your focus as being able to melt metal, well use that and show us a design (same screen size 4.2″, with same resolution 1024×768 IPS display) that allows Metal to be forged, maybe even a slight taper around the screen … almost a slight fall away to reveal the screen as a primary input/output medium that it is. Keep the soft back that is renowned on the current alpha and playbook device. You’ve gained WARM reception with the Bold 9900 … continue with that theme of professional design and build quality that your users expect. GIVE UP the cheap consumer devices … it belittles the brand … use metals & carbon fibre accents for premium devices while cheaper low/mid range devices use plastics exclusively. 

Audio: New DSP chipset … allowing for 48Khz audio. Stereo Speakers running at 10 Ohms with a 20-20’000Mhz audio range; nothing less!

Screen: Brilliance and direct mid-summer day brightness readability is a must; nothing less. 

Marketing: a culmination of the above! Start featuring WHAT makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry … get down to basics, plain and simple: AutoText, Quick Messaging reads & responses (show a video with someone quickly typing a business response, accurately, efficiently with speed, while on a call with a conversations – show your business users that they can carry two conversations at once. Showing off 1 place for data to converge means nothing unless you can efficiently process and action that data). Focus on your target market, don’t insult them with quick qibs against the competition – don’t waste precious $$ to poke, insult or challenge your competition – they’ll eat you alive – focus on what YOU do best, focus on what YOU can & will accomplish and KEEP to it! Steadily show the progress OPENLY – it shows accountability and keeps a fire under your teams ass: giving them constant motivation! use your web channels to engage thoughts and responses from those customers willing to continue their patronage on your efforts!!



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