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BB 10 Jam World Tour Dates – Ready, Set, Code!!!

May 12, 2012

That’s right the dates are set and Toronto’s is June 21st!!! You better believe “We Be Jammin'”! Developer Devices will be available to those that qualify – SWEET!

Source: http://www.blackberryjamworldtour.com/

World Tour Locations

Take a look at the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour schedule and watch for more information coming soon.

North America

June 5 – Austin, TX, USA
June – California
June – New York
June 21 – Toronto, ON, Canada


May 29 – Milan, Italy
May 31 – Barcelona, Spain
June 12 – Paris, France
June 13 – London, UK
June 26 – Moscow, Russia
June 28 – Berlin, Germany
July 3 – Warsaw, Poland

Asia Pacific

July 4 – Delhi, India
July 6 – Beijing, China
July 9 – Singapore, Singapore
July 10 – Jakarta, Indonesia
July 12 – Sydney, Australia

Latin America

August – Buenos Aires, Argentina
August – Mexico City, Mexico

* A limited number of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices are available for developers who qualify. Apply during the registration process to receive a device. If you received a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device at a previous BlackBerry developer event, you do not qualify for this offer.

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