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BlackBerry 10 Marketing

October 13, 2012

Since the most recent quarterly results from RIM I’ve had some ‘serious’ thoughts about BlackBerry’s future in kind.

We all know how badly the stock has performed & wrongfully downgraded to such a low level over the course of the past two years. Along with that is the BlackBerry brand; its no longer considered a global powerhouse it once was.

Going forward I feel RIM will need to concentrate on the following to substantially place BlackBerry 10 products & services in the spotlight. Remember the “BlackBerry 6 – Many Devices, One System, Great Experiences” ad? How it showed 3 people using BB6 all differently & uniquely to suite their needs? This should be your guide going forward, yet straight to the point, hard hitting, effective marketing advertising strategy.


RIM needs to emphasize on what BlackBerry 10 offers to the corporate user! This is most effective in TV Commercials & web video posts, however it can be done in print.

Show off BlackBerry Balance as a security & privacy paradigm (will personal calls automatically/manually be rejected with a preset/choice of sms responses or to voicemail. How a corporate executive be on a call walking down the hall to a meeting, access files on a server or their PC & share it via WebEx/Email/Save it for displaying in the board room. Highlight how quickly this user can access information on the fly – maybe showing that executive being interrupted by another just before entering the board room with clients already just being seated before a presentation (editing a slideshow document).

Show how personal, inviting, and social this platform can be! Show off different target markets of users (in various regional locations) can effectively use their device according to their needs: A social butterfly, a sports superstar, a fashion diva, small business owner, a busy single mother juggling young kids & her life (both professional/personal).

The most critical thing in these advertisements & marketing strategy is to show users not only using the core strengths of the BB10 Platform but also 3rd party applications and how they integrate with the platform! API’s, Code efficiency’s is all greate to the developer – but the end user, it must seem like … magic/sleight of hand.
I’d personally love to see the end products using high-quality materials: Metal or pieces of carbon-fibre. RIM must have recognized just how many more units of the Bold 9900 sold vs the 9810/9790 (the latter of which recently discontinued). Almost one year after its release, the 9900 still feels like a quality product! I want this for the BB10 devices going forward.

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