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BB10 A Bold New Direction – How do we get there?!

October 28, 2012

BB10 A Bold New Direction – How do we get there?!

After all the beauty that is, and the engineering behind BB10, BES10, and the NOC, as far as I can tell nobody has posted about “How Do We Get There?!”

Sure you’ll here the naysayers  pundits, and haters complain saying “Are we there yet?!” and already thinking of something new to hate on RIM for after launch.


Let’s look at the existing infrastructure … NOC, provider APN, BES and services.

NOC will remain and perform as it should, yet I’m unsure with RIM running as lean as it is currently are prepared to handle a massive sales spike should the BB10 platform become successful right after launch (I give 1 full quarter after launch to see that success tally in sales numbers and subscriber growth) – #BB10Believe. Will RIM re-hire those esteemed technicians/engineers it previously laid off (will they return on such short notice; incentives incentives). For the most part it should remain highly stable and efficient as ever, yet RIM cannot afford a long outage after BB10 deploys officially.

Mobile Fusion/BES 10 (BES 10 launches officially as a full replacement to both BES 5.04 and Mobile Fusion) … RIM has this covered like BES on a nest! There is nothing to worry from deployment, implementation, documentation, use cases, hosting solutions, nadda! Nothing to worry about all things are considered.

BB10 the platform has 2 real question marks to consider – of which I’m RIM is working on internally. Marketing & Pricing. How will RIM market BB10 as a platform? Globally and per region/country? How will RIM play its strengths, the benefits of BB10, and how will they dispel that “RIM is dead there is nothing to see” myths publicly and openly outside of developer meets?! Most importantly how will the pricing, both the product and services offered by providers in each country, be done? Are we talking Add-On plans, A La Carte, or All-In-One bundles (all you can eat)? Will the pricing also be apart of their marketing strategy against entrenched strongholds by the competition?

We’ll have to wait and see, but I for one am salivating for shipping launch!

I previously mentioned that BB10 has only 2 things to consider … I was partially right if we consider that from RIM’s perspective. What about the end user perspective?


Now lets consider the things that will affect migration from previous handheld OS’ (4/5/6/7) & Services for BIS during transitioning.

As and end user you’re already familiar with RIM’s current BB OS has stood the test of time with regards to full database backup of your data within the handheld. This includes Emails (all accounts), Call logs, SMS, MMS, Auto-complete entries, word substitution  preferences within applications & the data they hold (sign-on, settings, content from sharing etc), and finally the system settings!

How will RIM deliver a solution for existing BB users to migrate that content in their existing devices to the new platform? Will it be smooth and worry free? Will a new (BBDM) BlackBerry Desktop Manager be created to handle this?

I sincerely hope that if BBDM is used to migration from previous BB OS to BB10 that its lean and not bug riddled, and has options in clear description of what it will and will not transfer up to the end user. I also hope that is NOT coded using IntelliSync; time to stop paying Nokia for that RIM build it from the ground up its a bold new world!

Now there is the other end of the spectrum that will affect end users. If there is a change in the APN used by providers or in how BIS is used … users will have issues.

Ever order a new BB in the USA that was marketed as a Consumer device when you’re on BES only to find out BES Activation & data would not be available?! Arrgh! (AT&T I’m hating on your for this!!) Has anyone enjoyed the annoyance of not getting BIS emails when you switch providers and have to have the previous carrier remove connection to your email address so that the new carrier can now provision connection?!! What about ordering a new BB10 device on the same carrier, and service plan changes while you wait 5-12 days for that product to arrive and go through headaches of no emails/BBM/browsing?!!

Again I’m sure RIM and carriers are WELL aware of these potential issues before they occur … yet its something nobody is talking about.

PS: BBDM is used vs BDM because BlackBerry is two uppercase B’s not one.

FACT: Did you know BB10’s Browser is coded entirely in HTML5?!

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