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QNX – Imagined: Your car in the not-so-distant future

December 30, 2012 9 comments

Imagine, your BB10 device communicates with your car to …

  • unlock the door & start the engine, 
  • Centre console displays the maps & route, 
  • GPS communicates with satellite/web-based live traffic information and suggest new routes, calculating destination arrival times and suggesting SMS/Email to your host/business/store that you’ll be delayed due to the traffic congestion*. 
  • Driver options to DIM specific windshield from glare, 
  • Live translation of store names, street names, Emails in proper context and translation – not raw/rudimentary google translate.

* a phone and car system that MAKES excuses that can be verified FOR you lol. Kids never had excuses so good 😉 


BlackBerry BBM Video with Screen Sharing

December 27, 2012 Comments off





Very sick! 


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RIM & BlackBerry – Close Out 2012 Year (On a Mission)

December 25, 2012 Comments off

Merry Christmas 2012 Everyone. Enjoy health, happiness and good times with those you love; not all of us are as fortunate to embrace such an opportunity. 

I figured this would be a good time to show RIM closing out the 2012 calendar year. 

BlackBerry Balance

It’s now possible to have one device for your 24 hour day and for both personal and corporate liable devices to maintain the security and management that IT teams demand, along with the seamless uninterrupted personal experiences your end users desire.




BlackBerry Solutions for Government

In the face of limited resources and increasing demands, IT decision makers need mobile solutions that help them advance their employee’s ability to serve and protect citizens. BlackBerry® offers a unique set of products and services, tailored to address your agency’s specific objectives. Learn more at for government IT decision makers and for law enforcement leaders.








Fun with BlackBerry 10: BlackBerry Flow in Action

Donny from the Inside BlackBerry Blog sets out to show off the new BlackBerry Flow and have a little fun filming a video – while stealing some time from BlackBerry 10 expert Jeff Gadway.

If only RIM would show off BlackBerry Flow in a more serious tone … focus on a real busy high-end business user/owner/executive at a large corporation; you know their target market for BB10 Launch!




BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 10 Live Demo at BlackBerry Jam Americas

The all-new BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 10 was demoed on stage during the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote. The new storefront features games, apps, music and video content all in one.


Adding Corporate Email, Calendar, and Contacts to a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

Oooo la la! 😉 

Adding work email, calendar, and contacts to a smartphone shouldn’t be a difficult process. With the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform you’ll be able to get up and running in a few simple steps, with only an email address, a one-time activation password, and an email account password. Check out the video for an overview! Learn more on the BlackBerry for Business Blog at





BlackBerry presents ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen 



Los cantantes Jennifer López y Marc Anthony junto al director de espectáculos Jaime King y el creador de ‘American Idol’ Simon Fuller, viajarán por 21 paises para buscar esos verdaderos talentos latinos que están aún sin descubirir. ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN será un show autentico, pues no habrán audiciones, serán los jueces que irán en búsqueda de los participantes. A partir de julio hasta finales de agosto, Marc y Jennifer viajarán a grandes ciudades y pueblos remotos de Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay, Venezuela, y EE.UU, entre otros.
Para más información:

^ This is what RIM needs to highlight efforts more of … and their learning with the various markets in Asia and India – yet not enough in Africa yet its their primary market in terms of user subscriptions and unit sales! Hmmm. 





The markets react to RIM’s 3rd Quarter 2013 Results

December 20, 2012 1 comment

Tale of the chatter – Videos

Source: Bloomberg

How Will RIM Fiar Next Year?\

Three vs Trish:
The Golden Cross where the 50day is moving beyond the 200 moving day average. Long term charts are positive in the stock.

Got to sell that volitility in January, Buy a little protection against it out in February.

RIM Subscriber Base Falls to 79M, Cash Up to $2.9B
– Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) — Jon Erlichman reports on RIM earnings. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

All I know is the stock is up and sitting pretty … much needed investor funds for RIM going into this new quarter. Keep in mind that when sales of BB10 will mess Q1 of Fiscal 2014 for RIM (the next 3 mths). 


U.S. Immigration to Test BlackBerry 10 & Mobile FusionU.S. Immigration to Test BlackBerry 10

December 13, 2012 1 comment

U.S. Immigration to Test BlackBerry 10.

RIM Says U.S. Immigration to Test BlackBerry 10 Phones

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will test its new BlackBerry 10 devices early next year, becoming one of the first government agencies to try the new operating system.

U.S. Immigration will test the handsets along with RIM’s new enterprise software designed for large corporate and business customers, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company said in a statement.

The move is a vote of confidence in BlackBerry 10, the new operating system RIM is counting on to reverse plummeting sales and win back market share lost in recent years to Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iOS and Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android operating systems. A number of enterprise customers, including consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and the National Transportation Safety Board, recently dropped BlackBerry as a smartphone supplier.

RIM gained 3.1 percent to $13.72 at 9:32 a.m. in New York. The stock has more than doubled since a rally that began Sept. 24, just before the company’s last earnings report. RIM is scheduled to report earnings Dec. 20.

To contact the reporter on this story: Hugo Miller in Toronto at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Nick Turner at

Find out more about Bloomberg for iPhone:

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series – Strips for the Camera

December 12, 2012 Comments off

Oh yes boys & girls … 









What makes a BlackBerry? BB10 Hard Questions.

December 6, 2012 6 comments

I was thinking today about what makes a BlackBerry (BB) a BlackBerry? 

Is it the company behind it or its creators? … No. Sure the creators where instrumental with incredible vision and tenacity and I still thank them for their diligence (although other BB fans have long since their departure vilified them. 

So what does anyway? No doubt I’ll get a plethora of answers no matter where in the world I go or from whom I ask, but I hope some of my thoughts resonate with yours.



Messaging – mobile, reliable traceable email (corporate or personal). SMS (and MMS), and Instant messaging.



This system has earned its place in mobile communications history, as an official word in the Webster’s Dictionary, and into the hearts of millions of users, and corporations alike. No other system has such instant messaging in real-time, that can send/receive messages to any BB user instantly, share groups, shared media (pictures/videos/ringtones/sounds), calendar appointments (and have it sync’d to corporate/personal calendars), group chat, and assign specific alerts. No other platform amongst their users has this. I STILL fully believe this platform feature has legs to grow and should be available for desktop users on Windows & OSX. 

Proper Personal Information Management (PIM). Many youths today don’t even know what this is, nor think its important since everything is in the cloud to them. The cloud enhances this – but if features are missing then the cloud is nothing. Contacts (with full details), Calendar, Notes, and Tasks (or ToDo).

No smartphone should EVER be called such, if it cannot do PIM properly.

Synchronization of PIM & Email details: Locally over a wire/Bluetooth or over an internet connection to your PIM management solution of choice. Think about this for a moment. This is a cloud based solution and RIM was amongst the first in the industry to offer this: Ericsson beat them by 3-4yrs with teh R380, Nokia beat them withe the 9001i Communicator by 1-2yrs, but there where no other competitors besides them. Both Nokia and Ericsson licensed a PDA core OS solution called Psion; RIM built theres from the ground up and where the ONLY ones in the industry for almost 10yrs to offer Mobile provider based-wireless synchronization and a management infrastructure!


Notifications & Alerts. This began with various vibrations and minimal LED but began to grow into Per Profile, Per Alert type: Email, IM, BBM, Calls, Calls from a particular person (VIP), Personal vs Work email, Browser page updates, etc etc. NOTHING else on ANY OTHER PLATFORM can even come CLOSE!! I seriously freakin MISS THIS! I was so much more productive just because this. Some fear overload due to this.


Calls … you’d be amazed just how much people STILL make calls and rely on calls for communications on a global scale more than anything else. BlackBerry traditionally did NOT make calls, yet its amongst the best for call stability, voice quality, and reliability to continually make/receive calls 

Messaging Refined


This is the first time on a Blackberry that messaging has been refined and all rolled into 1. Gone is the Messaging icon (I’ll miss the standard icon, not the various ‘desktop’ messages icons).

RIM was smart to first introduce the BlackBerry Hub; yet I feel for many non-tech-savy traditional BB users may not “get” this new paradigm shift, so heavy advertising will be required.

LED Notification


Cellphones long before had LED notifications, but non had such a prominant significance to their existence such as BlackBerry! Even more than just the augmentation they allowed the end user to control, third-party applications offered even more choice/control, going as far to change the LED notification color itself! The late SonyEricsson (now Sony) is the only company to ever come close with LED prowess on their UIQ platform.


What do you think of those examples?! 

Will BB10 still have incredible choice and control over Notifications (Emails, Calls, LED, BBM, IM, SMS/MMS, Browser Bookmarks being updated, etc)? Will BB10 still have call quality, reliability to make and maintain those calls (Battery life will come under great scrutiny giving the horrible performance of other platforms especially using LTE). Will we still be able to create a Bookmark, save it in a new folder (created at the time of saving that Bookmark)? Current evidence on bookmarks suggests not. Will our media be saved on a BES if managed, beyond our wallpaper image? 

I have a LOT more questions to ask RIM BB10 staff but these will suffice for now and I’ll have to wait for RIM to divulge more on January 30th, 2013. 



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