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BBOS Provider Email Address’ – Time Limited

February 8, 2013 1 comment

Hi Everyone,

This is something I noticed when I actually tried to use a very old email address from Rogers on my Telus BB Z10 for BBM.

As it turns out email is forwarded yet time limited for just 1 year ONLY! Any “@<serviceprovider>” in that format will be forwarded to your BB for 1 year, this is not going to be extended.


SOURCE: BlackBerry

BlackBerry email addresses are usually in the format user@<serviceprovider> When a BlackBerry email address is moved to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, email messages from the BlackBerry email address can be forwarded to the new email address for one year.

NOTE: The one year of email forwarding cannot be extended.

Follow these steps to configure forwarding:

Navigate to the Forwarding web page
In the Email Address field, type your BlackBerry email address
In the Password field type your BlackBerry email address password
In the Forwarding Email Address field, type the email address to which email messages
sent to your BlackBerry email address will be forwarded to
In the Confirm Forwarding Email Address field, retype the forwarding email address
Click Next
Close the browser.

North America

Service Provider Forwarding web page
Virgin Mobile
Koodo Mobile

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Service Provider Forwarding web page
Everything Everywhere
Vodafone UK
Vodafone Germany
Vodafone Qatar
Qatar- Qtel
MTN South Africa
MTN Nigeria
Vodacom South Africa
Zain Bahrain
Zain Saudi
Zain Nigeria
Globacom Nigeria
Viva (KTC)
T-Mobile UK
Orange UK

Follow these steps to change your BlackBerry ID username via the BlackBerry 10 smartphone

  1. Swipe down from the homescreen and select Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap BlackBerry ID
  3. Tap Edit
  4. Tap within the BlackBerry ID Username field and remove the current email address
  5. Type the new email address and press and hold the space bar to hide the keyboard
  6. Tap Submit and Continue when prompted
  7. Enter your current BlackBerry ID password and tap OK to complete the change
  8. Tap OK to return to BlackBerry ID settings

Alternatively your BlackBerry ID username can be changed via the BlackBerry ID website

  1. Visit from a PC or the BlackBerry® Browser
  2. Click Log in
  3. Enter the BlackBerry ID Username (email address) and password, then click Sign In
  4. Click Account Details
  5. Next to Details, click Edit
  6. Remove the current Username (email address) that is displayed and replace it with the Username you want to use, then click Save
  7. Click Done to exit from the BlackBerry ID account information screen

NOTE: Moving forward please use the new email address when signing into BlackBerry ID.


BB10 Lock Screen – Fringe

February 8, 2013 Comments off

So I added a Fringe wallpaper to my new BB10 screen. I figured that I’d share you all.


Above is what it looks like normal and below is what it looks like when trying to unlock the screen.
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February 7, 2013 20 comments

Some BIG news lately by BlackBerry ….


As the Official Mobile Computing Partner for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, BlackBerry will collaborate with the team on technical and marketing opportunities. The new BlackBerry 10 platform will deliver tools and services for  and fan engagement will be improved through the joint development of apps. BlackBerry 10 smartphones will also be used by the team so they can ‘keep moving’ throughout the Formula One season.

The new partnership sees the iconic BlackBerry branding featured prominently on the chassis and headrest of the F1 W04 Silver Arrow, the racesuits of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, and on the team’s racewear kit. As the Official Mobile Computing Partner, BlackBerry and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS will be working closely together to develop the team’s use of the BlackBerry 10 platform at the team’s headquarters and at each Grand Prix

Does this mean we’ll see QNX get a serious JOLT?!

Password Keeper Not installed by Default on BB10

February 4, 2013 1 comment

Those of you in the business world and probably more in the consumer world have used Password keeper extensively. Personally I find it a pain to migrate a user that has used this since Desktop Manager NEVER migrates the content within ~ and rightfully so as its the END users security at risk if it did.

unfortunately end users forget that they have been using it when its time to submit their BB for an upgrade or provider switch. A good colleague, nay a mentor whom decided to leave the company to follow his passion for boat racing did remember and trusted me with his master keyboard to unlock so that I could migrate his data over. I’ve kept it secret and will take it to the grave with me and purposely went out binge drinking that same night so I’d forget ANY information within that I by chance glanced over!

Those of you out there that rely on this amazing tool … be forewarned that BB10 does NOT have this installed by default, so proceed to download and install it before migrating over using BB Link.

The Password Keeper application does not display on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Go ahead and install away. Cheers.

BlackBerry 10 smartphone that cannot be booted up!!

February 4, 2013 25 comments

Uh Oh!!!


Reloading a BlackBerry 10 smartphone after an interrupted security wipe

^ this is a documented troubleshooting step ALL your Z10 and soon Q10 owners should know about!


Article ID: KB33480
Type: Support Content
Last Modified: 01-31-2013

This is when the BlackBerry Link is unable to reload a BlackBerry 10 smartphone that has been interrupted during a security wipe. 

OS X users be wary and have parallels/vmware fusion or bootcamp running windows handy if you encounter this. 

At this time, this workaround is only available on PCs running Microsoft windows.  Please note, this should only be used after experiencing an issue performing a security wipe, for any other issues please contact technical support.




BlackBerry Q10 – Release (delay)

February 3, 2013 2 comments


ImageBeen a busy few weeks and missed out on the launch party events, including CrackBerry HQ party in Toronto. I will be attending the Business oriented BB10 Experience at Toronto this week.

The press, haters, analysts and even the end users are a bit peeved about the later (2mths later) release month of the Q10. Most of this is because a LOT of BB9900/9790/9780 (dare I even say 9700 laggards) have been desperately waiting almost 1.5yrs for a replacement of such a keyboard device. Their MOST salivating not just at the spec’s or connectivity, but also after the larger battery life (1800mah) the most shipped in a BB to date!

This release month (not a specific date – which fuels more DOA mantra from haters and competition) got me thinking.


RIM, made a BIG mistake!! RIM waited so long and focused on making z10 like Beta A/B units for the past … 8mths yet neglected to give developers enough time with a solid dev unit for the Q10’s announcement! Yes I mean RIM made the mistake, not BlackBerry the new company name announced Jan 30th.

A lot of questions come to mind about Q10 which puts to light WHY RIM released April as the launch date for it.

How many of the 70’000 applications are available in the western world region supporting the 750×750 resolution?

How will BB10 BBM Video and ScreenShare work from a Z10 & Q10 interacting? Will a Q10 share look squished on Z10 or just scaled down to the same resolution?

Can I ad-hoc a WiFi connection?

Presentation Mode for HDMI, how will this work differently from the Z10?


PS: Did RIM make a mistake in the Q10 Photo above?! Did anyone notice that the HUB selection buttons are in the middle and not on the left? Is this normal or backwards?

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