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A prediction for what ended up being the Q10

April 27, 2013 13 comments

Just under two years ago I made a post on one of my favorite cellphone forum sites, as well as here. I hadn’t really thought of that blog entry and post until the early hour of this morning when the only person to view my blog was from the United Kingdom and specifcially went to this old post. 

The post I’m referring two is here & here – titled “Thoughts on Nokia E6 vs BlackBerry 9900“. On April 9, 2010, Research In Motion announced they would acquire QNX Software Systems from Harman International Industries. Although my blog post was dated July 9, 2011, the original thought was posted on HowardForums site on 03-30-2011, 10:12 PM EST. 

Readers will wonder why I’m bringing this up? Here are some excepts and related to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and a tidbit about using QNX. 

having a small screen and small resolution for an OS that is to thrive on a large screen – will leave you wanting more. 
having a large screen with higher resolution with a keypad will look & feel like those 2 horrible HP Win6.1/6.5 smartphones of yesteryear that will really cause remorse.

Just looking at the underlined, I actually thought I was completely off, but read on further …

The key will be to have a medium size screen – 1″ larger than the Bold 9700/9780 models, being just as svelte to have large battery yet fit in the hand just as perfectly. Not to mention such a screen BEGS to have a higher resolution (Half-VGA just will not cut it; UNLESS smaller icons & more adjustable font)!! Although RIM is taking their SWEET ARSE time to perfect this … I just think its a dead endeavor and that a refined Storm with the Torch’s screen along with QNX is what consumers and the industry needs.

The Bold 9700 & 9780 both had screens of 480 x 360 pixels & 2.44 inches, at the time of the above post quoted, I was thinking 3.5″ screen – of course the Q10 has a screen of 720 x 720 pixels & 3.1 inches. The last part underlined, pretty much foreshadowed the Z10, however we needed a keyboard to be added to the mix, so a top end resolution is not required for the successor to the 9900. 

And the final part of my post was the icing … 

The quick popularity and stable sales of the Torch 9800 have proven that traditional and new BB users WANT a larger screen
– We require that to READ MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint attachments (Not everyone will carry a PlayBook – portability of IN the pocket will ALWAYS best in the Jacket pocket). 
– We require more screen real-estate to enjoy the web, especially multiple tabs
– We require more screen real-estate to remote into PC/Mac/Nix machines and admins for Servers
I can attest that BES5.01 SP1 is NOT suitable to be viewed EVEN on the Torch’s screen. 

Going forward RIM needs to think about mobile access to the BES for Administrators if it wants to really best the competition. To be honest … not even APPLE thinks of this with Safari and Snow Leopard, Leopard or even Lion/Lion Server built-in.

I nailed it! I really did!

PS: take note that I am Supa_Fly (formerly Prom1on and formerly Jagga on for reference.



BlackBerry Q10 Has Arrived – Fallen

April 26, 2013 1 comment

The BlackBerry Q10 has arrived in the UK and sold out to early buyers. Excellent news, not just to the company but also to fans and developers alike. This is an incredible smartphone, yet more than that is the platform behind it waiting to sprout its wings … however we still have some time before we see that come to fruition.


To those in Canada, the United States, and many nations abroad … have you fallen for the Q10 more than the Z10?! (have a listen to the linked word “fallen” if you like garage house music while you read along).



If so what has made you fall and salivate for the Q10?

Is it the simple fact that its a powerful full qwerty keyboard smartphone?

Is it the BB10 core?

Is it the efficiency in dealing with messaging and social content & posting?

Is it the design of the device, how it looks an fits in the hand along with its finish?

Is it the subsidized pricing that is in-line within your country compared to other platforms?

Is it the features that do compete with other platforms (not the specs, but features)?

Is your mobile provider making strides and attempts to bring mobile purchasing to BB10?

DJ Kent – Falling (Black Coffee Deep Remix)

April 26, 2013 4 comments

Pure Garage House!

Themed BlackBerry BB10 Devices – Open Letter

April 20, 2013 16 comments

Dear Thorsten Heins,

Thank you for your teams hard efforts in transforming BlackBerry and bringing the public BB10, myself as many other millions of users are just loving their BlackBerry Z10 devices.

I grew up in Canada, my heritage is of Jamaican and Cuban decent, however many of the values of both those cultures are true to what it means to be a Canadian citizen. We help our fellow man and woman, we’re ambitious yet not overly greedy and we take pride in our homes, our family, and the people of this country even those that have recently immigrated here. Most importantly we take great pride in our health care system and the safety of the people of Canada.

That said, and you Thorstein being a recent Canadian … I think you’d honor Canadians, and BlackBerry – a Canadian company and its legacy by doing something a little unique in the smart phone industry.

I’d like to propose BlackBerry for making a limited edition run of both the Z10 and also the Q10 (maybe even future devices as well). A limited run of say 5’000 to 10’000 devices made in Red … but in limited regions for the purpose of the (PRODUCT)RED initiative (of course a different sade of red than the LE Developer Z10’s that have been deployed).

Furthermore, I’d like to see BlackBerry made another limited edition device colour yet on a global scale … Pink in order to take part in breast cancer fundraising. They say behind a good man, a powerful man is a strong woman – and I’m sure you’re a family man and that you honor and respect women.

These are just my humble recommendations, but I think it would put BlackBerry into a different light, something acceptable by investors, employees, yourself, and your competitors in a respectful thought.

One of your competitors has only done this with a music player, I believe BlackBerry stands by their products, their users that have chosen BlackBerry by choice and this would go a long way into the hearts of Canadians, BlackBerry’s competition, and even those analysts still skeptic of BlackBerry’s success.

This would create huge buzz if marketed right and if BlackBerry works hard to be transparent on the sales of such devices, making it clear to the public which amount or percentage of proceeds for each individual product would go to the governing body’s for each project.

I’d like to make a quote for which I’ve asked for permission for. Should Ann feel that I should remove it I will immediately regardless of where I am or the time. Please respect her wishes that if I’m to remove the quote and the hot-link to her sight to not copy and paste. Thank you kindly.


Ann is a mother, a woman, a person … I feel it is the civic duty, nah, the personal duty of each and every Canadian, human being, to do what they can to help others in need. Take away our job titles, our respect from our peers, our wealth, our financial success, our homes, our success in our endeavours in life, we only have a few things left: our word, common decency, kindness, dignity, and that we all share the same basic needs in life.

I don’t love being bald.  I have to be bald.  I resent being bald.  It’s not a “new do” or a cool fashion style.  It’s a robbery.

To see me bald,  you may feel like you have to make me feel better about it all. But you don’t. I want you to treat me the way you always do–like amazing, fantastic, supportive, kick-ass friends who know I’m riding this bucking bronco and holding on for dear life and that it may look easy but it’s hard as hell.

Ann’s Diary: About being bald

Rumour – BBM Broadcast All coming to BB10

April 16, 2013 26 comments


The rumour mill is a-buzz with a major BB10 update bringing back the Broadcast All option to BBM. 

In it’s current stated of options in BB10 bringing this feature back lends to possible unwanted notoriety for broadcast messaging. Previously, BBM Broadcast messaging acted very similar to text messaging does today – something I’m NOT looking forward to, amongst many others. For a mobile operating system, and a company that prides itself on security, and protecting its clients (both business and personal alike – akin to how the other mobile device fruit company views end users’ personal data as a security concern) I’m shocked at BBM lagging in certain features. 


BBM Ad sourced roughly 4yrs ago in Toronto on Yonge & Bloor stations – featured in an earlier blog entry long ago.


As the popularity of BBM grew exponentially, along with the security of the BlackBerry device became popular with no site of being able to be hacked, some people decided to wreck havoc on the world renowned BBM messaging causing nothing but annoyances and some concern to uninformed or just unaware of social spamming BlackBerry users, and this was on a global scale.

Image Image


Some seemed harmless, like the above 2, basically mimicking the basic principle of email spam, of which even 10 years ago RIM had spam filters on provider based hosted BIS email accounts. Others became serious, even official like the one below … take note of the spelling mistake “Jim Balsamic” vs Jim Balsillie who was Co-CEO of a globally successful RIM at the time of this BBM message screen capture.


The BBM message in full is listed here …

BBM is shutting down at 12:00.   0clock tonight if you don’t broadcast this you’ll loose your contacts

Sorry guys  Apparently it is true, cause its happened to certain people already, so I’m not taking any chances !!

Message from Jim Balsamic (CEO of RIM Blackberry) we have had an over usage of user names on Blackberry Messenger. We are requesting all users to forward this message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward this message, we will take it as your account is invalid and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore this message or blackberry will no longer recognize your pin. If you wish to re-activate your account after it has been deleted, a charge of 25.00 will be added to your monthly bill. We are also aware of the issue involving the pictures updates not showing. We are working diligently at fixing this problem and it will be up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lastly other spam BBM Broadcast messages where just down right rude, like the one below. Not the kind of message you want filling your screen reading while beside your manager, a CIO, or even a CEO of the company you work for, especially if they’ve never received such BBM spam messages. Spam like this led to a lot of business that employed BlackBerry’s to have BBM blocked by IT Policy. And no I’m not going to paraphrase the message lol


BBM is a very powerful and timely messaging tool that offers more than just text based communication with the ability to share pictures, video, voice notes and even full music tracks. BBM also allows group messaging, separate shared calendar (isolated from your own main calendar), ability to have more than 1 host/manager of a BBM group, all of these features allow for immediate and efficient collaboration between 2 people or an entire team. 

Bringing BBM Broadcast messaging needs to bring with it more conscious controls to the end user, in hopes to reduce or eliminate these types of spam messages.

Suggested BBM Broadcast Controls & Administration: 

  • Ability to turn off receiving Broadcast Messaging.
  • Ability to turn off Broadcast Messaging, yet receive BBM Group Broadcast Messages.
  • Report BBM Spam Messages. 
  • Ability to queue a Broadcast Message for delivery(?)
  • BlackBerry NOC to restrict Broadcast All messaging to 50 users or 5 groups(?)

BlackBerry to administer these reports, maybe a strike policy that will disable such spammers for 24hrs, a week, a month, and possibly indefinitely. Of course working with cellular providers so that their tech support teams can clearly see which user on their networks is blocked, why their blocked, and the messages or reason why their blocked, and providers can legally avoid refunds for the current month towards such spammers since they’ve abused a network service offering affecting the privacy of other users both internally and globally. 

I doubt this form of controls or administration would come but it would bring a peace of mind if BlackBerry would consider this.


Overall I’d love to have the Broadcast All feature come back to BBM, sometimes hitting up your crew to say an impromptu concert or party at the docks, beach or your place at the last minute would be nice to do or receive. BlackBerry … you’ve done great with BBM Voice, BBM Video and BBM ScreenSharing, please continue to make BBM cool again. 

BBM TV Ad - Barber

BBM Its changed the way we do business; circa 2010.

PS: I vote for a new BBM feature, BBM Whiteboard for collaboration (screensharing mixed with bbm video/voice/chat and hand-drawn collaboration of shared documents or a blank whiteboard

BBM Spam sources: (via Google Search results)

NerdBerry Jim Balsamic screenshot.

BlackBerry Support Forums on 06-08-2011 08:25 AM.

CrackBerry Forum Post on 11-24-2009, 09:41 AM


BBM Video – Connection Issues

April 14, 2013 9 comments


I’ve noticed across a few other blogs & forums of a few, just a handful of users having issues being able to connect with BBM Video. This is not a widespread issue, nor is BlackBerry the only smartphone that has a few users affected by this – you only need to search for early FaceTime users on iOS devices in its first inception using WiFi only to find facts.


Although its just a handful of users, its enough to be seen as an issue that could hurt the platforms image in the public eye. I figure I could use my deduction & search skills to help out where I can.

Some things to consider before attempting a BBM Video Chat:

Is the other user available to begin? BlackBerry users tend to be very busy, so kindly send them a  BBM or SMS first, be polite, be a Canadian 😉 – they maybe in a situation where they cannot take any form of calls.


In all seriousness please consider the following:

Does yourself & the other party of a solid internet connection? (provider or wifi)

Are either of you on a public WiFi connection (Starbucks or similar)?

Has BBM Video worked for you before vs with the party your attempting to connect with?

Has the other party signed into a BB10 device with their BB ID?

most importantly consider this …

Using Video Chat, BBM Voice, or BBM Video behind a firewall – Article ID: KB26816

For most personal or home networks, a firewall that is restricting network traffic will not be an issue and Video ChatBBM Voice, and  BBM Video will function as expected.

Video Chat, BBM Voice, and BBM Video use the following ports. Port forwarding must be enabled for the applications to work on a traffic restricted network.

  • 443 (TCP)
  • 3478 (TCP)
  • 3478 (UDP)
  • 45535 to 65535 (UDP)

Note: For guidance on how to setup port forwarding, contact the network administrator or refer to the router, firewall, or security software documentation.

Video Chat communicates with the following addresses and therefore they need to be white-listed.


BBM Voice and BBM Video communicates with the following addresses and therefore they need to be white-listed.


For information on BBM Voice and requirements, see BlackBerry Messenger in BlackBerry World here.

BBM Video is only available on BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Video Chat is only available on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.


Hot BBM Video Model, Thank you BlackBerry and thank YOU hotness 😉

MasterPass Digital Wallet Launches in Canada

April 13, 2013 44 comments

Hi Everyone, 

Further to my earlier blog entry – a knee jerk entry to be honest – comes a new development … MasterPass. 

According to a press release by non other than Moneris Solutions

Canadians first in North America to experience MasterPass – a better, faster way to pay while simplifying the digital shopping experience

Of particular note is … 

As of launch, merchants including Porter Airlines, WagJag, and Grocery Gateway have enabled MasterPass checkout services on their eCommerce websites.  MasterCard plans to expand the number of MasterPass enabled merchants in Canada to 800 merchants by the end of 2013 and 2,800 merchants by the end of 2014. When making purchases through these companies’ eCommerce websites, MasterPass digital services will allow Canadian consumers to securely and seamlessly complete their transaction in a few clicks, eliminating the burden of filling out card and shipping information repeatedly. 

Considering 800 merchants by the end of 2013 for online purchases without the need to enter your credit card number and billing address, that’s a good thing, I hope. 

BMO Launches MasterPass-connected BMO Wallet

Current MasterPass partners include: WagJag,, Porter Airlines, Grocery Gateway, Roots, Global Payments Canada, TD Merchant Services, Moneris Solutions Corporation and BMO Bank of Montreal. 

Time for statistics … 

In Canada, eCommerce is growing at a much faster pace than retail sales.  MasterCard Advisor’s SpendingPulse data shows total Canadian year-over-year eCommerce sales grew 26.6% over the past 6 months ending in February 2013, compared to just 2.9% growth in overall Canadian retail sales during the same time period.

So you can possibly draw to a conclusion that PayPal maybe a bit worried if this will affect their business within say a 3 year time frame, if no other offerings or deals are done by them. What I’m most curious about is if this new development will coincide or directly work/affect mobile NFC payments using MasterCard in Canada in the near future, say in 2 calendar quarters. We shall see. 

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