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BlackBerry Live 2013 – BBM Surprise

May 14, 2013

Apparently a surprise is due for BBM on BB10 going to be announced tomorrow; that’s the rumor.

We shall see – 8hrs and counting and I cannot sleep!!


Of particular insight is the Breakout Session at BlackBerry Live tomorrow, could this mean that Enterprise will finally have BBM in the Work secured space of BB10?!!

JAM14 – BBM and Social Integration for Enterprise Apps


Nick KalkounisSenior Product Manager, IM & BBM Social , BlackBerry

Maurice WhiteSr. Enterprise Developer , BlackBerry


This session will discuss how enterprise apps can use BBM™ to improve the communications of corporate end users. You’ll also learn how to implement BBM within an enterprise app to provide collaboration and instant communication. We will review BBM core APIs, and sample code and show you how to setup the BBM simulator for development and testing.


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