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Still on BlackBerry – Love my Z30

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Still on BlackBerry Full Time … learning a LOT in the technical software and apps creation space. but I LOVE my Z30!

Birthday tomorrow hoping I win a Passport!

Post I made on Crackberry.

Since I work in I.T., my device is on BES10 as an EMM/MDM deployment, and I’ve been using it on/off as my primary device for 12mths now. I gotta say I’m pretty lucky to work for the enterprise I do, and my managers are the shiznit! Moreover I’m glad that this particular enterprise is smart enough to know the importance of security and collaboration on a global scale and has chosen BES5, BES10 and soon BES12.

I love this Z30 … I’ve tried using iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8.1, only the later comes close but the UI is a layout nightmare. This is what I LOVE about BB10 and why those other OS’ keep me running back.

– I’ve used mobile email since early EPOC, S60 (various apps, incl LonelyCatGames), UIQ, Windows SmartPhone Edition, iOS, Android, etc. All on Consumer or Corporate accessible/managed and the efficiency, layout, features is bar none! I’m preaching to the coire here but to remind you all what you’re going to miss when you leave.

– First it was the physical ‘qwerty’. The Touch-based came along and changed the game yet again!
Touch typing, auto-complete, Auto-Text (which was ill renamed to Shortcuts, arrgh!) is incredible and BlackBerry NEEDS to showcase this as the industry innovator in this space. They should’ve patented this!

Keyboard is a Keyboard is a damn FINE keyboard! Physical or Touch, the BlackBerry keyboard remains the hallmark of the brand. There is a reason for it, it’s because save for the Passport irregardless of which model you use and what year you used it, then you’ll feel right at home. The functions and features are throughout the UI and the OS and made available to ALL third party applications including those in Android runtime. It’s a simple thing to choose to allow this, yet when you use different apps on Android (and not changing the keyboard or installing third party) the layout completely changes and you’ll need to adjust.

Native Apps: The power of Peek and Flow … the seemlessness and the power and efficiency still has me clinging and clutching my BlackBerry Z30. The Q10 I tried for a week was just too small a screen to really enjoy this, even on 10.3.1 that made space so efficient just isn’t enough.

With Qt/C++ applications on BB10 … I AM THE USER! I am in full control I choose what it has access to. In this day and age of such mature mobile and desktop OS’ I cannot believe how secondary the USER has become, no longer serving us but we serving them, developers of greed and immorale practices and corporations that rape our information, ahem Google.

My BIGGEST pet peeve is when I choose to launch an application, I already know what app I’m launching, so WHY in GOD’s name am I flashed a space screen of the app logo (company or app name) before the UI is loaded? And why for so long?! Bloomberg does this and since the Android port for all except the Passport it’s taking longer to load with each version for my more than capable Z30.

File Manager (Personal/Work Space):
Love the simplicity of the UI layout and the power! This software was able to handle 2 externally connected USB chips (via external non-powered hub), MicroSD, and, and I was able to file transfer WHILE viewing data from one of those sources! Powerful. No other file manager is this powerful … sure I’ve seen a few Android ones but man the UI is a crappy mess, un-necessary adds.

Why do I love BlackBerry?
– They have always had a vision and only once made the mistake to follow vs leading
– They take their time before releasing products so there are minimal if any flaws.
– This Z30 has dropped from 4′ serveral times with a VERY small dent on the corner.
– BB10 does what I needed 2yrs ago and what I want it to do now. I’m not consumed nor caught up in social media and trying to be the centre of everyone’s desires, dreams and social conversation. I do well on my own I don’t crave to be a social butterfly/****** lieing to the world about my own happiness or endeavors. I stop at Twitter to learn more or randomly post an opionion on technology or share music and FB to keep in touch with close and old friends and families when we don’t call one another every day!
– I get my job done and well without the need for a computer 40% of the time.


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